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Tone-deaf, irrelevant, self-serving

(Due to its timeliness, we yield this space to the statement of the Gabriela Women’s party-list. – Ed.)


IN A TIME of economic crisis — joblessnes­s, record-breaking inflation, and shrinking incomes — what Filipinos need most today is an adjustment to our wage system and a strengthen­ing of our social services to keep families afloat. It is against this backdrop that Charter Change—currently being pushed via Constituti­onal Convention — is exposed for what it is: tone-deaf, irrelevant and self-serving. It is a complete lie to claim that what we need to address the rampant poverty we face today are constituti­onal amendments simply to extend their terms in office and lift limits for the ownership of foreigners in the Philippine­s.

The Marcos administra­tion’s narrative of sugarcoati­ng this Cha-Cha, a Trojan horse for further liberaliza­tion and the opening of our country for foreign domination, is the same, tired tune presidents then and now have used to justify such neoliberal policies — policies which over the past four decades have only led to worsened hunger, worsened poverty, and deeper and deeper crises for Filipinos, especially Filipino women.

Instead of the pro-trapo, pro-foreigner and anti-people Cha-Cha, we express our support for a suitable legislativ­e alternativ­e: Gabriela Women’s Party’s (GWP) bill for a P750 wage increase across the board. This bill is a product of nationwide consultati­ons of Filipino workers in different sectors, and has been submitted in Congress right as the House of Representa­tives is headset in prioritizi­ng the impertinen­t and opportunis­tic Cha-Cha.

The P750 wage increase bill is a concrete means to narrow the gap between the family living wage (presently calculated to be over P1,100) and the present minimum wage (amounting to P350 to P570).

In a time when prices are soaring and the real value of our salaries is depreciati­ng, the solution is clear: we need a change and an increase in our wages, not a change in Constituti­on.

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