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IDO CRAZY things in my life. When I am bored, I organize projects like a photoshoot. My photoshoot­s are events in themselves.

There’s a profession­al photograph­er. There’s a hair and makeup artist; if not a hair stylist, and a makeup artist. There’s an event organizer.


How much I pay them is irrelevant. It’s vulgar to talk about prices and costs.

But I do pay people. Sometimes, I get discounts. Sometimes, I don’t. But it’s just money.


The joys of a photoshoot are many. I suggest people experience it at least once a year.

Probably around their birthday. In November last year, I had a photoshoot.

It started indoors, but the real goal then was to shoot in public. Like the Dumangas Public Market no less.


#ThePSN in haute couture vamping in the vegetable section, the fruit section, the meat section.

The images are now iconic.

The event, most talked about. Everybody spoke of a movie. Everybody spoke of a star.


I’m a different animal in public. I’m altogether a different beast in a studio.

A week ago, I was in a studio shoot. It was a simple fashion shoot. I wanted something red.

My HMU artist has some red tulle cape and high pokpok boots.

I wore them.


Of course, I looked like a dominatrix.

Of course, I looked like someone promoting Sogo Hotels.

Oh, but I was sexy.

I was flexible.

I was amazing.

If I looked like an adult trans porn star, that’s in the eye of the beholder.


My other attire was a floral print unitard, with added puffed sleeves and cape.

It’s so gay.

But beautifull­y avant garde.

If someone could pull it off, it would be me.

It was designed by Nalds of RDSJ.


Reynaldo Delmo Samiana Jr. is also the designer of my now-famous 2022 Palanca Awards wardrobe.

Which was the third change for my two-hour photoshoot. I’m mostly happy with the shots.

But what makes me even happier is the pride and glee of my crew.


When the photograph­er assures himself that he has some really good shots, and when even the dressers scream in pleasant surprise, how can I not afford to pay their profession­al fees? Haha. But seriously, I enjoy watching people gaining more pride and confidence in their work. When they’re too excited to post online the product of their efforts, who am I to stop them?


I like to be seen as someone who promotes the talents and skills of the young people in my town.

I enjoy the reputation of being someone who is great to work with.

Easy to work with. Crazy with art and artistic quirks. Senselessl­y l avish and generous where art i s concerned.


A photoshoot is an event.

It is an act. An art.

An act of art creation.

It is collaborat­ive in nature. But for the subject who conceptual­izes, organizes, models, a nd pays f or everything, it is a performanc­e.


There is no doubt in my mind that I am a stunt artist. A performanc­e artist of great caliber.

What I do with my photoshoot­s starts public discussion and discourse.

Poor people may only see my audacity.

My extravagan­ce. My conceit and vanity.


Me? I see Life, Beauty, Inspiratio­n, Art— all in capital letters.

I see that I am ahead of my critics.

And I am not too poor to pay profession­al photograph­ers, hairstylis­ts, makeup artists, and even fashion designers. Critics are just critics; I am the artist./

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