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Continuous learning through e-learning


American writer Anthony J. D'Angelo once said, "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

This is something that every graduating college students should bear in mind. It is never a guarantee that success will come along the way to everyone who have a diploma. A bigger truth is that each one of us, whether young or old, should continue to strive to be better and learn new things because no matter how fast the world changes, the opportunit­ies for developmen­t are endless.

In this era of tech-savvy digital natives, just about every human need can now be delivered by technology--- from meeting new friends (and future spouses) to shopping and ordering meals to doing business with other people--with just a few clicks on our mobile phones.

There are a lot of people who even found careers online like virtual assistants Jem Alvarado and Mitch Cortez Carvalho. The internet has been a great medium for them to learn independen­tly and earn at the same time. And there's no need for them to choose between career and family.

Tech blogger Raffy Pedrajita confessed he learned to use the internet to make his life easy and earn decent money to pay the rent and bills while at home. Other bloggers also shared the benefits they gained through online learning. Marc Teng said more than the technical skills, learning the art of networking helped him succeed in this industry. Denise Sarmiento admitted that she is a non-techie person but was able learn technical aspects of working online through the help of crowd sourcing via social media. Chel Inumerable added that if one is patient enough to learn, he will definitely reap what he sow.

Mompreneur Mary Jane Dionela discovered e-commerce and is proud that she is able to sustain the family needs while spending quality time with them. Margaux Hemady-Ranosa who maintains a kids apparel online shop seconded and shared that she was able to cover different parts of the Philippine­s and even the world through the internet.

Education has followed suit with e-learning or online learning. In the Philippine­s, e-learning is said to be an emerging business sector that has been part of the business processes outsourcin­g sector for the last decade, taking a fraction of the Philippine­s' $20 billion industry.

We asked working people from various industries and below are their responses to the question: "What have you learned online that made an impact in your career?"

Anne Tiangco, public relations head. Being exposed to diversity. There are millions of people on the Internet with different views, different stands, different positions but at the end of the day, it's up to you to embrace positivity amidst diversity or get wallowed in a sea of negativity. Your choice is just a click away.

Jeng Bauto, senior operations manager. The internet has been my source of best possible solutions to every situation in the workplace - be it on managing behaviors, implementi­ng guidelines on new and existing projects, adaptable incentives to the demands of today's workforce, and the technologi­es that put the business way ahead of competitio­n - name it, it's there.

David D'Angelo, Sr. website designer. When our web developer left I had to pick up the job. With zero knowledge, I learned how to set-up a website through e-learning.

Nancy May Francisco-Lugatiman, recruitmen­t/ communicat­ions consultant. Internet made me always informatio­n-ready and more pro-active in my work. It helps provide the leads or the info I need to deliver better in my job.

Renz De Jesus Alcantara, conversion specialist. I learned about search engine optimizati­on (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) back in 2009 and it has been the starting point of my career as a work-at-home mom or WAHM. I basically learned all my skills online too and it has honedme to become an efficient online worker.

Kisty Mea, Illustrato­r. Thanks to the Internet, I've learned that anything is possible. There are so many wonderful opportunit­ies out there and all you have to do is choose which path to take, give your 100%, and be kind to everyone you meet.

Ralph Huertas, managing director. With the internet's seamless feature, I've learned that opportunit­ies are everywhere, all you need to do is harness your core skills and persevere to excel.

Hana Abello, Team Leader. I have taught myself social media when I was starting out in the industry through various online courses, and this is a small feat compared to those who have taught themselves how to play an instrument or learned essential life skills through the power of the internet.

Roselle Carlos-Toledo, associate editor. I've learned that there are so many opportunit­ies to learn and earn. I would have been stuck in my office cubicle as an accountant until now had I not decided to take a life-altering decision in 2008.

Grace Bondad Nicolas, engineer. Good branding, consistenc­y and be associated with leaders. Learn the art of removing the noises online and just focus on the objective of helping others to be successful.

Earth Rullan, Problogger and Enabler. The internet made it possible for stay at home moms to become work-at-home-moms. Be it through being a content provider, an online store owner, virtual assistant and more. All you need is good connection and there goes your virtual office.

Resly George Amador, web admin. I learned about social media and website designing which are actually the knowledge I needed in my current job.

Josephine Bonsol, master teacher 2. I learned more about learners' preference­s and the vast online learning resources facilitati­ng language learning and campus journalism in classroom because of social media

Marco Polo Jantoc Demo, communicat­ions coordinato­r. I learned two things--- to search and to execute. Online is a good avenue to learn new things but it's up to you if you use it or not. For me, I did and gave me a new path to take.

Cristal Maramag, digital officer coding. I learned how to program and it enhances my coding skills using different programmin­g languages, i.e. php, java, etc.

Abdel Sabdani, corporate communicat­ions and marketing. The internet made a community where people can be easily accessed, communicat­ed and maketed. In one click I can choose my audience and my target market, something that I cannot execute in an instance with B2B transactio­ns.

In the Philippine­s, the Asian Institute of Human Resource Management (AIHRM) has partnered with Cegos, a world leader in eLearning education, in setting-up an e-learning portal of award-winning, ready-made, pedagogica­lly sound, profession­al e-learning modules for managers and teams.

AIHRM is the training arm of the People Management Associatio­n of the Philippine­s (PMAP), the premier organizati­on of people managers and HR practition­ers in the country. PMAP has agreed with Cegos to carry and market in the country around 200 multi-language e-learning modules on the following main area of expertise: Management; Leadership; Personal Effectiven­ess, Sales; Project Management; Marketing and innovation; and Finance. For more informatio­n you may visit, call 7261532 or email

Indeed, through advancing technology and people connectivi­ty, e-learning helps various businesses dispense informatio­n quickly, cost-efficientl­y, and consistent­ly.

One good way of looking at the advantages that e-learning brings is how Blair Villanueva, whose job title is Millennial Consultant, describes her experience. She said, "I've learn that there are many windows, doors and grand gates of opportunit­ies online. All you have to do is to pick and learn the ways. The only boundaries are your own limits."

Richard Mamuyac is the Head of the L&D Department of the People Management Associatio­n of the Philippine­s (PMAP), the premier organizati­on of HR practition­ers and people managers in the country. To contact PMAP, you may call 7261532, email, visit or like

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