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Lakas wants polls reset

- Salaverria Leila B.

THE FORMER ruling party, Lakas-KampiCMD, has thrown its support behind calls to postpone the barangay elections scheduled forOct. 25.

Lakas-Kampi stalwart Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said yesterday that the party, in a caucus on July 7, decided to endorse his bill which seeks to move the barangay elections to October 2012 in order to prevent exacerbati­ng disunity and to save on funds.

Lagman said the postponeme­nt was necessary “to prevent shortly after the national elections further countrywid­e divisivene­ss traditiona­lly generated by barangay elections.”

A rescheduli­ng would also allow the administra­tion to use the P3 billion allocated for the elections for more pressing projects, such as those related to social services and infrastruc­ture developmen­t, he said.

Lagman also said that all bills seeking to postpone the barangay elections that have been filed in the 15th Congress should be consolidat­ed and given priority for the guidance of the Commission on Elections and prospectiv­e candidates.

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