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Flexgel foot health and care solutions


BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES PHILIPPINE­S (BIP) Inc, the leading hosiery firm in the country, continues to come up with innovative products for our feet’s comfort and protection. According to Ruddy Tan, general manager of BIP Inc, they came out with BioFresh Flexgel anti-microbial solutions because people are clamoring for an expanded product line for foot care. BIP Inc is known for popular socks brands like Burlington, Puma and Bally. They also distribute anti-microbial foot powder/spray, towels, headbands and wristbands under the BioFresh label. Flexgel is made of unique formulated, extremely soft and stretchabl­e SEBS that helps absorb shock, relieves pressure and shearing force. It is highly stretchabl­e in all directions and prevents pressure sore from repeat rubbing. Acts like a second skin as it has similar property of human soft tissue so it safe and has no after effect allergy. It also kills germs that cause bad odor. Recommende­d for people who are diabetic and who have foot problems such as flatfoot, high arch, corns and foot odor. There are 15 types of FlexGel items namely Comfortabl­e Insole, Heel Cradle, Heel Cushion, Arch Support, Forefoot Cushion, Forefoot Cushion (HAV), Heel Wedge, Heel Protector, Bunion Protector, HAV Separator, Bunionette Protector, Toe Cap, Toe Protector, Toe Separator, Forefoot Cushion for specific foot problem. One may combine up to five kinds of Flexgel at a time for better results. Flexgel products from Burlington are now available at leading department stores nationwide at reasonable prices. For inquiries about foot care, please call 892-7113 local 115 or 119.

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