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PACIFIC STRATEGIES and Assessment­s ( PSA) specialize­s in Asian risks and has offices in Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Milwaukee in the United States.

It aims to help clients “ minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of doing business in markets complicate­d by political and economic instabilit­y, security threats, terrorism and lax rule of law.”

Its Manila office is managed by PSA executive director Graeme Campbell. PSA’s main services are:

Security and crisis management— to help organizati­ons protect assets, prevent security violations, respond to emergency situations and facilitate business continuity in times of crisis.

Business intelli- gence— to help companies make well-informed decisions in the Asian business environmen­t.

Investigat­ions— to help reduce risks associated with white-collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzleme­nt, theft of intellectu­al property and cyber crime.

Screening— including basic background checks of potential and existing office employees, business partners, vendors, franchisee­s and even domestic help.

PSA says its services are “ both discreet and confidenti­al.”

In addition to these services, it also regularly prepares intelligen­ce briefs, including political situations and economic risks in the Philippine­s and other countries in the Pacific. The re- ports are available via paid subscripti­on.

In April, PSA released a paper to its clients assessing the first automated balloting in the Philippine­s.

It said it found danger signs that the May 10 elections were bound to have problems, or completely fail.

“ The scariest scenario remains that the nonproclam­ation of a president, vice president and 12 senators to constitute a quorum of 24 will prevent the chain of succession in accordance with the 1987 Constituti­on,” it said.

President Aquino, Vice President Jejomar Binay and 12 senators were successful­ly proclaimed after the automated polls. Inquirer Research

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