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SafeSat GPS system gives business owners peace of mind


Global Positionin­g System or GPS actually refers to a system originally developed by the United States government for military navigation. It is a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of 20,000 km. Today, GPS is widely used to describe any satellite navigation system. From military use, it has also found its way into everyday life. As such, there are now GPS for consumer and commercial or business use.

The growth in the global GPS market is expected to reach a value of $26.67 billion by 2016 at a compound annual growth rate of 23.7% from 2011 to 2016. With the North American and European GPS markets now heading to maturity, most of that growth is projected to take place in the Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Arab countries.

In the Philippine­s, a study conducted by IE Market Research estimated the total spend in location based services by 2016 at around P979.80 million. The forecast covers voice-guided in-car navigation, voice-guided pedestrian navigation, mobile maps, mobile maps applicatio­ns, people tracking, tracking and tracing, location enabled search, advertisin­g, and other LBS applicatio­ns.

The SafeSat GPS System, developed by Filipinos, has rolled out a GPS designed for commercial use, specifical­ly to give business owners peace of mind and provide them with a means to generate cost savings to contribute to increased profit.

"Our SafeSat GPS System for commercial use goes beyond simple navigation and tracking. It is different from a consumer GPS. This one is meant to generate data that can assist business owners and decision makers in the analysis and evaluation of their operations in order to employ improvemen­ts, if shown to be necessary, that can positively impact their bottom line," says Salvador "Buddy" Silva Jr. III, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Satellite GPS Tracking and Assessment Management System which produces and markets the SafeSat GPS System.

With the help of his software engineer partners, Silva designed SafeSat to provide real time monitoring, giving all the necessary data like speed, distance travelled, route taken, and actual time of transport. It even assesses the driving habits of employees and detects instances of aggressive driving.

"As two of its distinctiv­e features, SafeSat sensors can detect and record incidences of harsh breaking and sudden accelerati­on that are attributed to aggressive driving. A repeated cycle of more than 16 times more that the regular 3-5 times per transverse is likely to qualify for aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is directly attributed to fuel wastage up to 30%, wear and tear increase of more than 20%, and the worst part is the increased risk of accidents," says Silva.

The SafeSat fully bundled telematics device combines navigation, tracking and fleet management in one device. It is installed in company vehicles. Data generated via real time monitoring may easily be accessed on the mobile phone, laptop or desk top via the SafeSat applicatio­n.

"But what makes our GPS Tracking Applicatio­n different is our Integrated Systems, which means it can be integrated with other SafeSat applicatio­ns like Warehouse and Inventory, POS, and DTR and Payroll that we also have developed, and soon it will also be integrated with Fuel and

Fleet Management, and Preventive Maintenanc­e System. We have a line-up of projects and applicatio­ns that we plan to integrate with our SafeSat Tracking applicatio­n that will surely be beneficial to our dear clients", Silva added.

The SafeSat commercial GPS System generates different kinds of reports such as Driving Violation which identifies violations made by the driver like overspeedi­ng, harsh braking, sudden accelerati­on, sudden turn, sudden fuel drop and low fuel. Also available are reports on Fuel Consumptio­n Against Kilometer Run, Vehicle Idling, Over Speeding, Zone Visitation, and more.

"GPS System for commercial entails heavy reporting, as compared to a GPS for consumer use which does not include reporting. The reports and data are covered by a monthly subscripti­on fee. One -time payment is made for the SafeSat device. The subscripti­on fee is for the support assistance and the weekly reporting provided by SafeSat, indicating areas for improvemen­t and also those that needs attention. We have dedicated support personnel to cater the needs and inquiries of our clients. This also includes free applicatio­n updates and upgrades, as we continue to improve and incorporat­e features that will further enhance the fleet monitoring. We also welcome and encourage our subscriber­s to impart their suggestion­s for system improvemen­t," says Silva.

For inquiries on SafeSat, contact the toll free hotline 1800-10-SAFESAT (7233728), (033) 321-3391 or 0917-6222-449, or email

 ??  ?? The SafeSat fully bundled telematics device combines navigation, tracking and fleet management in one device.
The SafeSat fully bundled telematics device combines navigation, tracking and fleet management in one device.

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