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She’s back! Miriam raring to debate

- By Dona Z. Pazzibugan

SAYING that her treatment had been effective and she had beat her cancer, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said she vowed to return the hustings and join the final debate of the presidenti­al candidates today.

“I want you to know and I also want our countrymen to know that my health has returned,” Santiago said in a video posted on her social media accounts on Friday night.

She said the experiment­al medicine she took for nearly six weeks was effective.

“So I’m perfectly normal now, as you can tell just from my voice and from the way I am speaking, I think,” said Santiago, who had previously exhibited shortness of breath caused by her advanced lung cancer.

Santiago, who was in a pink V-neck top that showed a slight scarring on her upper chest, thanked her supporters and asked them to continue to sway the “undecided” voters.

“I’m very happy to notice your reports that many people are switching sides. We all know this is the time the undecided voters will decide,” she said.

Crucial days

“These remaining days are crucial, very important. I hope you continue to help me so that we can go to Malacañang together,” she added.

Santiago was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2014.

It was the second time since being diagnosed that Santiago announced she had beat the deadly disease.

Last year, she announced that the cancerous tumor in her left lung has regressed due to a new albeit expensive drug she had been taking, and declared that she would run for president again.

She, however, made only six appearance­s since the campaign started on Feb. 9 when she announced she was taking a break to undergo an experiment­al clinical trial for a new anti-cancer pill.

She skipped the second presidenti­al debate due to the treatment.

On April 12, Santiago returned to the campaign trail in her hometown Iloilo City. She appeared stronger and made four campus visits within a week.

She will participat­e in the third and final televised presidenti­al debate in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, today.

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