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Toilet bowl treatment, or how to handle a hotheaded presidenti­able


EVERY candidate’s character should be an issue in the elections, more so if it’s a psychopath of a character.

At one dinner last week, a woman got everybody’s attention when she went on a nostalgia trip, recalling how a presidenti­al candidate would hang out in their house in the province as a young man. He grew up in the province (not in a manor).

“He was young then, and obviously even then he would lose it,” the woman said of the candidate’s temper.

“One time he was already ‘making wala,’ and nobody in our house could control him. So my brother used force to quiet him down—he dunked his (the presidenti­able-to-be’s) head into the toilet bowl several times.”

At least, the Palace has a palatial toilet bowl.

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