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Health summit set on April 28


THE EXPERTS’ Convergenc­e for Health Outcomes (Echo) Summit will be held on April 28, 2 p.m.-6:30 p.m., at Manila Marriott Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

Four internatio­nal experts will discuss relevant topics covering women’s health, psychosoci­al well-being, diabetes mellitus and heart failure.

Speakers and their topics are: professor Bertram Pitt on the role of mineraloco­rticoids in the management of heart failure; professor Wilfred Fujimoto will discuss pathophysi­ology of diabetes in Asians; Dr. Nassir Ghaemi focuses on anxiety and depression in patients with cardiovasc­ular disease; and Dr. Amos Pines will round up the discussion by explaining the cardiometa­bolic disorders in menopause. Four plenary sessions will be held, each one with a thirty-minute lecture, to be followed by a discussion and open forum. Four equally stellar Filipino physicians will be anchoring each of the sessions: Dr. Eugenio Ramos, Dr. Elizabeth Pacheco, Dr. Annette Bautista and Dr. Delfin Tan.

Echo Summit is a product of Unilab’s commitment in providing world-class and unbiased learning opportunit­ies for the Filipino doctors.

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