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Coworkers hate popular yet arrogant pair

- By the Entertainm­ent Staff

THEY seem so sweet and lovable onscreen. Turned out they are exact opposites in real life.

Popular Tandem didn’t endear themselves to the staff of a High-profile Project. Coworkers complained to a Rushes mole that PT acted as if they were the biggest stars in the known universe.

Is this a case of too much, too soon?

On the set, everyone was expected to pitch in because it was crunch time. PT, however, refused to cooperate and even caused unnecessar­y delays on the set.

Colleagues surmised that PT got swell-headed over their instant (if dubious) fame.

Guardian devil

Gullible Celebrity entrusted Attractive Kin to Showbiz Insider.

GC thought SI would protect AK from the predators that prowled backstage.

Alas, SI was the first to lead AK astray. SI seduced AK with easy money and the other perks of celebrity. SI and AK soon became an item—much to GC’s dismay.

It was pretty much downhill from there, and AK soon became addicted to life on the fast lane.

Charge it!

Handsome Personalit­y was spotted lining up in front of the cashier in a posh bazaar.

HP was in the middle of a shopping spree. As HP was about to pay for several bigticket items, a certain Rich Benefactor suddenly emerged from out of nowhere. RB intervened and settled the bill.

HP didn’t have to part with a single centavo since RB was around. Who knew that RB was a debit card on legs?

Charge it to experience!

Good riddance

Vociferous Celebrity is a tad melodramat­ic these days. Is it because karma has finally caught up with VC?

Yup, it’s payback time. VC, who alienated not a few colleagues in the past, is now being eased out of the workplace. VC could no longer ignore the winds of change—and it’s downright chilly.

Is it true that the Powers-That-Be no longer regard VC as a sacred cow? Is VC’s next stop the slaughterh­ouse then?

There’s no denying that VC’s time is up.

Finicky hunk

From the INQUIRER tabloid Bandera:

People backstage discovered just how finicky Hunky Celebrity was when it came to sartorial matters.

HC couldn’t decide what to wear for a major event, so he wheeled in an entire rack of tuxes to his already-cramped dressing room.

Between takes, HC kept pestering the makeup artist for a retouch, too. HC put Stunning Coworker to shame when it came to his obsession with pulchritud­e.

Vanity, thy name is HC.

Top of the tabloids

This week’s top show biz news in the INQUIRER tabloid Bandera ( and why we are moved, if we are moved):

Regine Velasquez pinagmumur­a, tinawag pang peke at retokada ng mga minions ni Rodrigo Duterte. (Harsh!)

Kris Aquino dedma lang sa “Presidenti­al chopper” scandal. (Silence is golden.)

Kapuso young actor Teejay Marquez superstar na sa Indonesia. (But not here?)

Itinanggi ni Sheryl Cruz na umuwi ang inang si Rosemarie Sonora para magpasabog ng something laban kay Sen. Grace Poe. (Something explosive?)

Monique Wilson kay Mayor Duterte: Ang rape ay rape! Kailangan pa bang i- memorize ’yan? ( Parang radio station, ha.)

 ??  ?? TEEJAY Marquez
TEEJAY Marquez
 ??  ?? MONIQUE Wilson
 ??  ?? SHERYL Cruz
 ??  ?? REGINE Velasquez
REGINE Velasquez

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