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10 of Prince’s most notable albums


MUSIC icon Prince, who died suddenly last Thursday, produced more than 30 commercial­ly released albums over the course of his career, augmented by an extensive back catalogue of work he kept in his vault at Paisley Park.

Though he is best known for his records from the 1980s, Prince, 57, remained prolific throughout his career, which spanned five decades. Here are some of his landmark releases, in chronologi­cal order:

1. “For You,” 1978. Prince’s funk-heavy and ballad-laden debut album showcased the young singer’s emerging musical prowess and range.

2. “Prince,” 1979. Included his first signature tune, “I Wanna be Your Lover.” According to the album’s credits, Prince played guitar, drums, bass and other instrument­s.

3. “Dirty Mind,” 1980. Featuring Prince in a thong and studded overcoat on the cover, the raunchy record highlighte­d the singer’s quirky style and cemented his ascent to pop superstard­om.

4. “1999,” 1982. Included hits “Little Red Corvette” and “Delirious.” The album’s title track would become an anthem for millennium parties the world over.

5. “Purple Rain,” 1984. The soundtrack album to a movie of the same name, the record came to be recognized as one of the greatest of all time. The collection’s main single, “When Doves Cry,” went to the top of the US charts.

6. “Parade,” 1986. Featuring perhaps his most-recognized song ever, “Kiss.”

7. “Sign o’ the Times,” 1987. A defining soundtrack to the 1980s, Prince demonstrat­ed his musical scope with a swirling kaleidosco­pe of sounds.

8. “Lovesexy,” 1988. Prince sparked controvers­y by posing nude on the cover of the album, which includes the classic “Alphabet St.”

9. “3121,” 2006. Prince’s 31st studio album, debuting at No. 1, marked a major comeback—and his first album to hit the top spot since “Batman” in 1989.

10. “Plectrumel­ectrum,”

2014. Featuring his backing group 3rdeyegirl, the record showcased Prince’s continued hunger to experiment, innovate and entertain, as well as showcase emerging talent.

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