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Making Christ alive

- By Bishop Precioso D. Cantillas, SDB, DD

Gospel: John 13:31-33a, 34-35 "This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

JESUS CLEARLY indicated to His followers that love for one another is the mark by which others will recognize them as His believers. It is not by a document, nor by a uniform or any other external object that will prove one's disciplesh­ip of Jesus. Loving words and deeds are what a Christian should show to merit the brand of his Master. Deeds done out of love, in love, and through love of God and others, and performed daily in good health or in bad, are the great challenges of Christ's followers. Through one's daily work and his performanc­e of it, Christ's presence and His saving mission among men is known by others.

Work, places of work and relationsh­ips in the workplace are concrete situations where Christ is seen, recognized and hopefully imitated. While He was born two thousand years ago and lived a relatively short life on earth, Jesus continues to live today and until the end of times through the life and work of His disciples. Christ's true disciples are not just those who are "officially" drafted so to say, through the Sacrament of Baptism, but also those who, through no fault of their own are unable to receive the Rite of membership to the Church, but live sincerely with genuine concern and love of others, offering their life and strength through their work or jobs for the good and welfare of all. A baptized person will have to prove his faith in Christ through good and loving works and actions. A worker who thinks of the good of others, who speaks good of his neighbor whether superior, inferior, loved ones, or the community of humanity at large, and who does his work with love and dedication as his concrete expression of loving others, certainly shows not his very own self, but Someone who lived, died and rose to life give true life to humanity-the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

A simple worker then, through his love for his family and children, for the community that benefits his services or products of his work, could make others realize that Jesus, indeed is truly alive and present in our world today.

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