Brandi and Jar­rod: Find­ing trea­sures–and each other

‘Stor­age Wars’ stars make a fine case that ‘op­po­sites do at­tract’

Philippine Daily Inquirer - - ENTERTAINM­ENT - By Bayani San Diego Jr.

IN THE HIT real­ity se­ries “Stor­age Wars,” which cur­rently airs on His­tory Chan­nel, pug­na­cious part­ners Brandi Pas­sante and Jar­rod Schulz make a fine case that “op­po­sites do at­tract.”

While Brandi is of­ten de­scribed as the “voice of rea­son,” long­time part­ner Jar­rod is deemed the “loose can­non” in the show.

In this in­ter­view held dur­ing His­tory Con, which wraps up to­day, they both had a mouth­ful to say—par­tic­u­larly, about their costars, Dave Hester and Barry Weiss.

In­deed, this com­bustible cou­ple has agreed to dis­agree on many top­ics—es­pe­cially re­gard­ing the stor­age units they’ve pur­chased in the auc­tions fea­tured in the show.

But they seem to be in agree­ment about one more thing: Their part­ner­ship, much like the real­ity show that pre­miered in 2010, is as real as it gets.

At the start, did you ever imag­ine that the show would be this suc­cess­ful?

Brandi Pas­sante (BP): Not in a mil­lion years! We had no idea.

Jar­rod Schulz (JS): When we started film­ing the show, we were al­ready into buy­ing stor­age units and had the Now and Then store. I told her back then, even if noth­ing hap­pened… even if the show ran for only one sea­son…at least we’d be able to get free ad­ver­tis­ing for the store.

We never thought we’d get this far. I mean, we’re now in Asia for the first time! Do you see your kids in the same line of work? BP: Lord, I hope not! JS: Our kids will not be in the buy­ing-stor­age units busi­ness. Our son Cameron wants to be a di­rec­tor or pro­ducer—which is great. I told him it’s a tough in­dus­try.

Then, he said if it didn’t work out, he could al­ways run the store. I said, no way! You won’t even have your first job there. You need to make your own path. Don’t fol­low in my foot­steps.

And your daugh­ter Pey­ton is into track-and-field?

BP: Yes, she likes to run, but

she’s now into com­pe­ti­tion cheer­lead­ing. She is very ath­letic.

JS: Cheer­lead­ing is the most com­pet­i­tive sport I’ve ever been in!

I coached my son’s foot­ball team, and it was noth­ing com­pared to cheer­lead­ing—which was off-the-charts crazy!

The par­ents were fa­nat­i­cal. There were 9-year-old girls di­et­ing, be­cause they needed to lose three pounds. BP: They work very hard. JS: They’re very ded­i­cated.

What are the most ex­pen­sive and unique items you’ve ever found?

BP: Along the way, we’ve found quite a few: “Star Wars” fig­ures, a samurai hel­met, bird boxes, the horse head. It was quite shock­ing that these things were worth a lot of money.

Brandi, were you sur­prised that Jar­rod knew a lot about fash­ion and Levi’s jeans?

BP: Jar­rod sur­prises me ev­ery day. JS: Just be­cause I am not fash­ion­able doesn’t mean I don’t know any­thing about fash­ion.

But you have your own cloth­ing line, Out­law.

JS: That’s my brand! I either cre­ate or ap­prove ev­ery­thing that comes out in out­lawap­par-

Jar­rod, do you re­ally know how to make can­dles? JS: You watch too much TV! BP: You have done re­search, sir!

JS: Yes! I never ac­tu­ally made can­dles on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, but I def­i­nitely made some can­dles in my life be­fore the show. Is Dave Hester a real jerk? BP: Yes. JS: That was a short an­swer. BP: That was quick and easy. JS: The best and worst part of our show is that it is as real as any real­ity se­ries out there.

Well, it’s not a co­in­ci­dence that we show up in the same place at the same time. There was some plan­ning in­volved.

But once we get there, what­ever hap­pens is what­ever we do on our own. No­body tells us what to do. No­body tells us what to say. If it ap­pears as if Dave is get­ting on my nerves, it’s be­cause Dave is get­ting on my nerves.

Will Barry Weiss be back?

JS: Barry is like 214 years old, and he al­ways comes back. No mat­ter how far away he is, you are in a crowd and, all of a sud­den, there’s Barry. BP: We like Barry. JS: We’ve kept in touch. We see him a few times a year. We hang out.

How’s Brandi’s cook­ing?

JS: Brandi is an amaz­ing cook. Be­lieve it or not, be­fore we got to­gether, I didn’t even put salt in my food. For me, food was some­thing you ate so you could go on liv­ing. It wasn’t some­thing to en­joy.

When Brandi came into my life [15 years ago] and started cook­ing for me, she re­ally opened my eyes to a lot of things.

What is your fa­vorite among her spe­cial­ties?

JS: I like her meat loaf and beef stroganoff. We have a gar­den in our back­yard. We picked 30 toma­toes, and she made three jars of to­mato sauce.

Brandi, was it love at first

sight for you? JS: ( Laughs) No­body ever asks us that ques­tion. BP: That was a process. He wore me down. He was per­sis­tent.

JS: When Brandi and I started dat­ing, we were co­work­ers in the same car­pet store. Tech­ni­cally, I was her boss…and you were not sup­posed to do that.

A mu­tual friend put notes on my truck, re­mind­ing me to be nice to Brandi, be­cause I could be abra­sive. In the show, you seem charmed by him, though. BP: Yeah! JS: Ob­vi­ously, I don’t get by on my looks! So I gotta be witty. I have to do things to com­pen­sate.

BRANDI Pas­sante (left) and Jar­rod Schulz SUN­DAY, AU­GUST 28, 2016

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