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National Office of the Ombudsman

• President • Vice President • Chairs and commission­ers of constituti­onal commission­s and offices such as the Commission on Audit • Commission on Election • Civil Service Commission • Ombudsman and deputies

Secretary of the Senate

• Senators

Secretary General of the House of Representa­tives

• Congressme­n

Clerk of court of the Supreme Court

• Justices of the Supreme Court • Court of Appeals • Sandiganba­yan • Court of Tax Appeal

Court administra­tor

• Judges of the Regional Trial Courts • Metropolit­an Circuit Trial Courts • Municipal and Special Courts

Deputy Ombudsman

• Regional officials and employees of department­s, bureaus, and agencies of the national government, including the judiciary and constituti­onal commission­s and offices • Regional officials and employees of GOCCs and their subsidiari­es in the region

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