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• Using the SALN for any purpose contrary to morals or public policy

• Using the SALN for any commercial purpose other than by news and communicat­ions media for disseminat­ion to the general public

• Failure to file or misdeclara­tion in SALN: First offense: Suspension of one month and one day to six months Second offense: Dismissal from service

• Perjury due to misdeclara­tion/underdecla­ration/false declaratio­n in a document under oath

• Submission of SALN is required by law. Disclosing declaratio­ns to the public should also be in the manner provided by the law.

• Any SALN filed is available to the public for a period of 10 years after receipt of statement. After such period, it may be destroyed unless needed in an ongoing investigat­ion.

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