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The Giving Caravan rolls out in PH


Coffee has been known to spark desire, invigorate, and warm hearts, but does it have the potential to do more?

Coffee solutions provider Henry & Sons believes it has and it seeks to unleash that through The Giving Caravan.

“We worked hard to find out ways to get more people onboard in helping us achieve our foundation’s goals. TGC was born out of that,” shares Henry & Sons CEO Michael Harris Conlin.

The Giving Caravan is a roving vintage Volkswagen café that gave free cups of coffee in the streets of BGC early this year.

The Caravan is where people can sample Henry & Sons’ Bloom Coffee range, a series of specialty coffee crafted with the intent of funding programs that make coffee farmers’ lives easier.

Each Bloom Coffee benefits a specific foundation project: The Giving Well is for giving farming communitie­s atmospheri­c water generators that give them access to clean and potable water; Beans for Little Ones helps provide mosquito nets and vaccines for basic health care of the farmer’s children; Cup to Seed helps fund liveli- hood programs in between harvests; Coffee for Great Minds is for giving out educationa­l assistance to those in need; and lastly, Beans within Reach helps launch activities that connect farmers to local and global buyers.

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