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Ang Bandang Shirley’s favorites from ‘Favorite’

- By Jill Tan Radovan

You’ve probably gotten yourself a copy of Ang Bandang Shirley’s recently launched album, “Favorite,” and identified your favorite tracks. Have you ever wondered which songs are the band members’ personal favorites, though? Inquirer Super asked them regarding their most loved tracks and what the songs are all about. Here are their favorite songs from the album and their recommenda­tions, which may come in handy if you don’t have a copy of the album yet.

Enzo Zulueta (Bassist)

Favorite track: “Ono” About the song: For me, it is

an adventure-of-a-song because the song is structured like a story, and it brings you to a lot of musical “places.”

Recommende­d for: I recommend this song for anyone who wants to travel, but can’t afford the costs. Our album is cheaper and has more replay value!

Zig Rabara (Drummer)

Favorite track: “Favorite” About the song: Not sure what the story behind it is, but I love the part where it goes, “You are here, this is my favorite place.” It blows me away how eight simple words can carry so much meaning.

Recommende­d for: I think anyone can listen to it and relate. It’s a good entry point to enjoy this album.

Joe Fontanilla (Guitarist/vocals)

Favorite track: “Ono” About the song: I think that best songs take you on a journey, both musically and lyrically, which is what I love about this song.

Recommende­d for: I recommend this song for someone about to take a long walk.

Kathy Gener (Band manager /vocals)

Favorite track: “Ilang Ilang” has always been a super favorite old Ang Bandang Shirley song.

About the song:I love how the song was written in the context of the heartbreak­er (in my own understand­ing hehe; Owel wrote it btw). For once the heartbreak­er is the one questionin­g/confused with the quiet and nonreactiv­e response of the other person he/she’s breaking up with. I think it’s really smart and the abrupt ending is perfect!

Recommende­d for: Anyone who has been rejected/broken up with. It will empower you

bwahahaha. Also to anyone, I guess because it’s a different take on writing a love song.

Owel Alvero (Guitarist/vocals)

Favorite track: “Maningning” About the song: It is about accepting the world (including the part inside you that wants to change it).

Recommende­d for: I would recommend this song for anybody’s morning, good with a light breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Ean Aguila (Guitarist/vocals)

Favorite track: My favorite song to listen to in the album is “Favorite.” My favorite song to perform is “Karagatan.”

About the song: “Karagatan” is about being strong whenever important people in your life leave or move to a faraway place.

Recommende­d for: overseas Filipino workers.

Ang Bandang Shirley’s “Favorite” album is available on iTunes. CDs are available on, via e-mail at, at Satchmi Store Megamall and UP Town Center, Moonleaf Tea Shop in Maginhawa and The Four Strings at Cubao X. Visit ang band ang shirley.

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Ang Bandang Shirley; “Favorite” album (left)
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