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RUSHES: Controvers­ial celeb woos spooked rival

- By the Entertainm­ent staff @InqNet

Now, it can be told. Controvers­ial Celebrity’s shenanigan­s are not only shameful—try shameless for a more accurate descriptio­n.

Defying stunned relatives, CC wooed the clan’s Sworn Enemy years ago. CC purportedl­y sent a bouquet of blooms to SE, who was naturally spooked by the “gesture.” CC soon learned that SE was in a committed, long-term relationsh­ip.

But did that stop CC? Fat chance. CC gifted SE with a bigger floral offering!

Try to remind SE of that creepy episode, and all you’ll get is a nervous chuckle.

Calling Afraid-y Aguilar.

Coke cronies

They’re unstoppabl­e. In spite of the government’s war on drugs, these infamous coke fiends are still flying high.

Notorious Personalit­y is the alleged leader of this gang of junkies.

Indeed, NP has money to spare, but until when?

NP’s stock in the biz is plummeting fast, and handlers should consider protecting their prime asset with a quick stint in rehab. But then again, NP is surrounded by so-called pals (read: enablers) who are similarly hooked on the illicit stuff.


Defensive damsel

Industry Insider has a theory on the strange behavior of Glib Beauty.

GB often gets in trouble due to unsavory scandals. II suspects GB is merely acting up, to hide a family secret.

Insanity is in the blood, you see.

By causing a commotion every now and then, GB can snatch attention away from loved ones’ erratic antics.

Or could it be just because of the fact that GB is a certified meanie?

Well, well.

Crazy planets

Speaking of GB’s kooky kin. GB’s Close Relative supposedly showed up at a swanky business establishm­ent and started babbling about an imaginary meeting with execs.

Soon enough, the security personnel escorted CR to the nearest exit.

Months later, CR was spotted sprinting in public without a stitch on. Imagine Lady Godiva minus the horse.

No wonder GB is a basket case.

With relations like CR and company, GB had no chance from the start.


From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera:

Talk of the town is the dismal failure of Perky Starlet’s big project.

Kibitzers insist that karma merely caught up with PS, who has a tendency to twist the truth. Until now, PS keeps denying the existence of Wealthy Benefactor, who helps finance the family’s lavish lifestyle.

WB gave PS a mansion—not to mention, a fleet of luxury cars.

Those in the know assert that WB also bank-rolled PS’ latest venture. Yup, the same one that tanked miserably.


This week’s top show biz news in the Inquirer tabloid Bandera (and why we are moved, if we are moved): Angel Locsin ka- date ang ex

ni Bela Padilla . (Moving on.) Marian Rivera bibida sa tat

long bagong show ng GMA7. (Third time’s the charm?) Lotlot de Leon on Nora Aunor: “Marami pa akong dapat patunayan bago ko siya maka- level!” (Good gurl.) Kakai Bautista nagbilad ng hubad na katawan! ( Hubad na katotohana­n.) Serye nina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza sandamakma­k ang commercial­s. ( Sa ads pa lang ng dalawa; buhay na sila.)

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Alden Richards (left) and Maine Mendoza
Alden Richards (left) and Maine Mendoza
 ??  ?? Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera
 ??  ?? Angel Locsin
Angel Locsin

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