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'Oh my God!'

Gospel: John 20: 19-31 Thomas answered and said to him, "My Lord and my God!"


One of the most common expression­s in English that so widely used is, "Oh my God!" One would hear this phrase blurted out in surprise or disbelief or even in some burst of emotions which have nothing to do with one's faith in God-so unlike that which Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus, exclaimed upon realizing that his Lord has resurrecte­d from the dead. This human and almost ordinary expression could have a very deep spiritual and saving significan­ce if the person would make it a manifestat­ion of his personal relationsh­ip with Jesus.

While one could easily make it a habit to use the above-mentioned expression, he could also integrate in his mind and consciousn­ess the presence of Jesus as truly his Lord and God. One needs to consciousl­y live his daily life and work with the awareness that God is the one giving him his breath, his strength and everything he is, to be able to do his daily work. Waking up every day, gives one the opportunit­y to realize that God has given him another day to relate with Him; that his actions and work are his ways of worshippin­g, serving and loving the Lord and Godwho is the source of everything he is. God, would have become so alive and real in the believer's existence that even the ordinary and insignific­ant acts and events in his life are seen and considered in the light of faith. God's love andmercy become so real and tangible that one is also imbued with the same spirit. The Spirit of the Risen Lord is so powerful that He can make the believer touch and see His presence in every aspect and moment of his life.

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