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- —Vinz Lamorena

1. Top 2018 goal

Seems like Dara will be granting the number one wish of her fans by next year—a solo album is in the works! “My first priority is the album,” Sandara tells Super. “I’m focusing on recording and collecting songs.”

2. The most-awaited solo album

OK, calm down, Blackjacks— that’s not even the best part! Sandara also reveals she already has five tracks done and she has been working on her first-ever solo album since summer this year. “Nakakatawa, I started working on my album this summer, the first songs pa- discodisco pa. Tapos, biglang winter na, sabi ko sa producer ko gusto ko naman ng mga sad songs. Sabi niya lang sakin: HA?” OMG, we’ll be expecting a good mix of tracks from this album then!

3. Dream music collaborat­ion

“Ang ideal na collaborat­ion ko is with a rapper— ang dami nila sa YG! Maybe I can get them onboard,

tapos kakanta ako,” she says. Sandara also reveals that she’s hoping it’s an acoustic track! We just hope she will collaborat­e with YG’s newest artist ONE.

4. Dara TV’s next vlogs

Whenever Sandara mentions she’s now a YouTuber in her Dara TV vlogs, she always says it in disbelief. “Syempre hindi pa ako ’yung profession­al na vlogger, but it’s really fun! You just need one camera and you shoot whatever you want and it already becomes one episode,” Dara says.

She says she is the talent, director, producer of her own vlogs, but always credits the amazing Dara TV team for their amazing cuts and edits. Next on Dara TV are vlogs on her recent birthday celebratio­n, Boracay trip with Seungri of BigBang, covers of songs (which includes OPM hits), and her favorite Seoul restaurant­s. One of Super’s suggestion­s is her skincare routine, but Dara reveals there’s nothing special about it as she only does three to four steps of the famed 10step Korean skincare regimen.

5. Your 2018 Valentine’s Day movie

She finished shooting “Cheese In The Trap” last July. You’ll finally get to see DaraHae (her tandem with Park Hae-jin) on the big screen in February 2018— we just hope it shows in Philippine cinemas, too!

6. Latest K-drama obsession

Dara loves rom-coms. She recently just finished watching “Temperatur­e of Love” and says she would probably do well playing similar characters of the drama’s lead female role.

7. Manila vs Seoul

“Mas alam ko ang Manila kaysa sa Seoul, sa totoo lang,” Sandara reveals. She can’t suggest her top Seoul spots, but she says you must eat spicy rice cakes on the streets and Korean-style ribs! She also promises to make a vlog on the best Seoul restaurant­s soon.

8. Food stops

Our friends from Penshoppe reveal that apart from her usual Jollibee and Gerry’s Grill food runs, Dara loves Potato Corner, too! Don’t you just love it when you share something similar with your idol?

9. What to expect if a #PenshoppeX­Dara collection comes out

“Krung-krung ako pero I love simple clothes. I’m obsessed with white shirts! I want to draw on plain white ( and maybe black) shirts. Gustung-gusto ko ’yung ‘Different is good’ ng Penshoppe tapos I’ll add different drawings and written phrases,” Sandara says. We’ll definitely be waiting for those shirts to hit the racks!

10. Favorite Penshoppe 2017 Holiday Collection pieces

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sandara’s current Penshoppe favorites are its old school hoodies —she even wore the one on her flight going to Manila! But what’s not to love about these holiday warmers? They’re cozy, simple, with just a touch of color.

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