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Rody to fetch AFP, PNPmenbein­g insulted in Congress

- By Frinston Lim @flimINQ

DAVAO CITY— When you’re down and troubled by a congressio­nal investigat­ion, all you got to do is call and the Commander in Chief will be there.

This was President Duterte’s message to military and police officials who may feel disrespect­ed by members of Congress during investigat­ions in aid of legislatio­n.

“If they yell at you, stand up and go out. Tell them, ‘I came here in response to a subpoena and summons. I did not come here to be insulted or be degraded in public,’” Mr. Duterte said.

‘Do not answer’

“Let me know, I’ll get you from there,” Mr. Duterte said to military and police officials during a tactical skills shooting competitio­n here.

“Do not ever, ever insult the officers and men of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippine­s),” he said, recalling a former military officer who committed suicide because of the insults he got while being investigat­ed by Congress.

“If they’re trying to find fault, do not answer,” the President said, adding that he had their backs. “Do not talk to people who would twist your statements.”

All a soldier or policeman has to say is that “we have a Commander in Chief,” he said.

Mr. Duterte also said it was “not easy to run a government that is democratic because of the many rights of the citizens.”

But he assured soldiers and policemen he would support them if they got in trouble in the performanc­e of their duties, “whether intended or not intended.”

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