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- By Roy Stephen C. Canivel @roycanivel_INQ

Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez defended contractua­lization, saying it was “not unfair” to workers since the current arrangemen­t provided for more investment­s, and thus more jobs.

In a text message to reporters yesterday, Lopez reiterated his position that there were legitimate ways of contractin­g work, as indicated in the labor code. In essence, he said there wouldn’t be any jobs to begin with if there were less investment­s.

This comes amid the labor sector’s call for President Duterte to sign an executive or- der on contractua­lization, wherein regular employment would be considered the norm except in some cases.

The President had said he would study the proposal. However, Lopez said not even an executive order could do anything about it.

“We wish to pursue the posi- tion that legitimate contractua­lization is allowed by the labor code. That it is legal and that an EO cannot change that,” he said.

Lopez said that even the President had said that there should be a healthy balance between the flexibilit­y of employers in the status of their workers and the employees’ security of tenure.

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