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Becky Garcia’s all-year-round parties have begun

Your mantra for the week: “Challenges are just signs of blessings to come.”

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God is continuall­y speaking to everyone, but Its voice can only be faintly heard because other voices from within take over through authority figures of the past and present.

But that Still Small Voice becomes clearer when we become still and know that nothing can really harm us—except our thoughts, our feelings, the things we try hard to change from the outer, forgetting that solutions are all available from within, like going-with-theflow which means to adjust, to adapt and to accept in the meantime.

In life, there will always be challenges, but these are simply reminders that you’ve gone out-of-the-flow and are not moving in the direction for your highest good, and that there is something in consciousn­ess that has to be changed. Let not your fears tempt you to plead with God, but instead affirm, “God knows, God shows, whatever happens I always get the best.”


I attended a recent birthday dinner party for Becky Garcia, with Merci Padolina hosting it at Blackbird. The party has since been followed by eight more dinners, all for Becky.

If things have not changed (and I don’t think they have), these parties will go on until Christmas time. This is a tradition that Becky has kept alive for a few decades now.

Being the ultimate PR girl turned Dancesport exponent, her social directory is filled with well-known personalit­ies. They include Imelda Marcos, who still socializes at age 88 while her children are busy trying to change history (watch “Citizen Jake”), manong Chavit Singson, Johnny Litton, and multifario­us party girls and ladies who are single-once-more-and-want-tomingle, as well as personalit­ies whowant to appear on the Facebook accounts of Agile Zamora and Becky.

I truly enjoyed my conversati­ons with Merci Padolina and Serla Russell. They are very open about their desire to mingle because of their newfound singlehood.

They have interestin­g and touching stories on how they found their way to their new lifestyles. They both have three children.

Merci is an engineer who is into constructi­on. When I asked, “Wow, are you another Alice Eduardo?” she replied: “No naman. I amtoo small to be compared to her but I really enjoy mywork.”

The attractive Serla, who vacationed recently with Rene and Ann Puno in India, related how she tried her best to save her marriage: “I really tried, but then one gets to a point to let go.” Her sister, she added, has even a more interestin­g story. “It can beat any teleserye.”

Happiest birthday Becky!

Elements Inc.

When I was invited by Monique Sison, who is now working with a company called Elements Inc., for a 4-6 p.m. event, I thought it would be a company that dealt with chemicals. But what I found at the ninth floor of DPC Place building on Chino Roces Extension was a showroom of luxurious textiles, wall coverings, curtain accessorie­s, lighting and leather for residentia­l and commercial clients.

That afternoon we caught the good vibes of Patricia Liang, the originator and partner of Elements, whose charm and speaking prowess could make you easily want to change all your interiors with products of the 30 internatio­nal companies they represent.

 ??  ?? Emmanuele Catani, Patricia Liang
Emmanuele Catani, Patricia Liang
 ??  ?? Merci Padolina, Serla Russell
Merci Padolina, Serla Russell
 ??  ??

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