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Gay-friendly songs enrich ‘Love, Simon’ soundtrack


Just as the coming-of-age film “Love, Simon” celebrates individual­ity and freedom, its official soundtrack offers a collection of mostly impassione­d and starryeyed songs about romance and secrets. Many of the tracks in this collection are heard onscreen, making it an approximat­e companion piece for the movie, about the unconventi­onal love story of the titular gay teenager.

It’s nicely bookended by songs by the Bleachers, led by prolific singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff, who’s also a member of Fun, and has collaborat­ed with Lorde and Taylor Swift.

Bleachers has four, lively pop-rock and new wave-ish ditties (“Rollercoas­ter,” “Wild Heart” “Alfie’s Song” and “Keeping a Secret). And Antonoff has a separate collab with MØ, the bouncy “Never Fall in Love,” which sounds like ’ 80s bubblegum pop.

The 1975 has the enthrallin­g “Love Me,” which sounds like an unearthly mashup of David Bowie’s “Fame” and Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing.”

There’s that Whitney Houston classic, too, the chart-topping “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” from that cute dream sequence where mild-mannered Simon

Spier (Nick Robinson) wonders what kind of gay guy he’ll grow up to be.

Troye Sivan’s cool and breezy “Strawberri­es and Cigarettes,” about two young guys’ implied trysts, doesn’t resemble the main character’s more wholesome gay love story, but it’s undeniably one of the album’s catchier songs.

Also endearing is Amy Shark’s ethereal “Sink In,” a confession­al ballad about intimacy.

With 13 songs totaling approximat­ely 46 minutes, the soundtrack is loop-worthy, a gathering of notable talents that’s both a standalone compilatio­n and an audible supplement to the “Love, Simon” experience.

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 ??  ?? Nick Robinson on the album’s cover
Nick Robinson on the album’s cover

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