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Former coworkers are in a bind. Charming Brute had accumulate­d all sorts of loans while connected to a certain firm.

CB left the company ages ago, but the debts have remained unpaid until now.

As of now, former benefactor, Vibrant Ally, is still having difficulty sorting out CB’s messy accounts. VA and cohorts are kicking themselves for allowing CB to get away with it.

They are reluctant to go public because the scandal would be embarrassi­ng for everyone. At the same time, CB needs to be taught a lesson on being a responsibl­e adult.

Puppet master

Languorous Novice plays multiple roles for sweetheart, Rakish Jock.

Seems RJ has trouble communicat­ing ideas to an audience, so LN also acts as RJ’s prompter and interprete­r.

LN would whisper certain keywords, to “guide” RJ in answering questions from pundits.

Which leads some interloper­s to inquire: Is RJ an unwitting puppet, mouthing off LN’s official agenda? What if RJ disagrees with LN? Does RJ have the capacity (and the freedom) to contradict LN?

Diamond jubilee

Casual observers may think Gregarious Hausfrau is a longsuffer­ing martyr because of Vexatious Spouse’s cheating ways.

Through the years, GH has mastered the path of least resistance. GH never ever makes a fuss about VS’ extracurri­cular activities. GH’s silence, however, comes at a steep price.

Every time VS would stray, GH would receive baubles, gems and all sorts of glittery peace offerings. That’s why GH is now dripping in diamonds.

Inexplicab­le wealth

Not a few eyebrows were raised because of the unexplaine­d wealth of Beautiful Jezebel.

BJ can be a tad indiscreet, mindlessly flaunting high-tech gadgets and other pricey stuff in public.

Intrigue-mongers think BJ can’t possibly afford all those expensive trinkets. As coup de grace, BJ just showed off a multimilli­on acquisitio­n that left many haters green with envy.

They scoff that BJ must’ve found a Ritzy Advocate to sponsor those shopping sprees.

Battle of the belles

From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera: This sounds so regressive. Vivacious Kewpie and Illustriou­s Kibitzer should really be the best of friends. They have many things in common: beauty, brains … and a beau that got away!

No wonder there’s simmering enmity between the two.

The dynamic duo bumped into each other recently. Turned out they were vying for the same gig. The tension was palpable because VK and IK snubbed each other throughout the tryout.

They should really team up against their common ex, who had the temerity to dump them. INQ


This week’s top show biz news in the Inquirer tabloid Bandera (and why we are moved, if we are moved): Sanib-pwersa: Vic Sotto, Coco Martin balak “patumbahin” si Vice Ganda sa 2018 MMFF. (Tactical alliance?) Kathryn Bernardo wala pang

balak pakasal kay Daniel Padilla: Ang bata-bata pa namin. (Age doesn’t matter?) True ba, Joey de Leon nagalit

nang ma- cancel ang production number ng AlDub sa “Eat Bulaga”? (Hear De Leon roar!) Yassi Pressman natupad ang birthday wish sa halagang P2.5M. (Expensive wish!) Cesar Montano malas sa politika; hinamong ipagtanggo­l ang mga anak. (Uh-oh.) Agot Isidro vs Mocha Uson sa eleksyon sa 2019: Sinong iboboto mo? (This is a nobrainer.) Kalat na: Willie Revillame hindi tinanggap ang hamon ni Duterte na mag-senador. (Thank you!)

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