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- By Krixia Subingsubi­ng @krixiasINQ

All provincial buses will soon be temporaril­y banned from a portion of Edsa during peak hours, according to the Metropolit­an Manila Developmen­t Authority (MMDA).

From Mondays to Fridays starting on July 15, provincial buses cannot ply the northbound and southbound lanes of Edsa from Cubao to Pasay City between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Violators face a P2,000 fine, said MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, adding that the move was in anticipati­on of heavier traffic due to the start of several road projects this month.

Already approved by the Metro Manila Council, the temporary ban would reduce the number of buses plying Edsa at certain hours by around 2,000.


To make up for this, however, the provincial buses will be exempted from the number coding scheme.

They will also be allowed to use the MMDA-operated Southwest Interim Provincial Terminal located in Pasay City.

To avoid being inconvenie­nced, motorists are advised to take alternate routes as heavy traffic is expected across the metropolis due to the start of several major projects.

These include the North Luzon Expressway drainage enhancemen­t project on A. Bonifacio Road starting on July 1; constructi­on of an elevated guideway for the Metro Rail Transit 7 on North Avenue beginning July 2; emergency leak repair of a large mainline in the Edsa-Shaw Boulevard area starting on July 7 and the replacemen­t of Buendia Bridge next month.

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