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In this technologi­cal era in Philippine education, De La SalleColle­ge of Saint Benilde (DLSCSB) and Globe Telecom recently launched a research grant for digital learning to prepare the academe on the future of education at the Vatel Restaurant, Hotel Benilde Maison de La Salle at the Angelo King Internatio­nal Campus (AKIC).

To seal a three-year partnershi­p, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed between the two parties led by Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC, DLSCSB president and Michelle Tapia, head of Strategy, Innovation, and Transforma­tion of Globe myBusiness.

The collaborat­ion aims to encourage scholars to dig deep into digital education, which would enable both teachers and students to access informatio­n and resources convenient­ly through modern technology.

Globe Telecom will award a P3 million grant to fund two fulltime DLS-CSB faculty academic researcher­s.

Prospectiv­e candidates will propose research topics on digital and future trends--teaching, pedagogy, or learning spaces--in the nation.

They will be screened through a rigorous selection process. If selected, the grantees will be given an entire school year to complete the research which will then be presented at a colloquium.

Globe Telecom understand­s the changing landscape in education as well as its inherent challenges and opportunit­ies.

“The key to shaping future leaders of the country lies within the tools and the guidance provided by their mentors. We are looking forward to seeing research which can improve reaching best practices or how we can further utilize technology in order to make better learning spaces for the students,” Bro. Magbanua said.

“Globe has always been committed to providing educationa­l institutio­ns with technology-driven solutions meant to promote higher quality teaching and learning. Through the grant, we are looking forward to introduce new innovation­s that would help schools keep up with the rapidly changing arena of digital and informatio­n technology,” Tapia said.

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