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True Faith gets ‘Sentimenta­l’ in its 10th album


Watching the gig of my good friends and alltime fave band, True Faith (TF), is my idea of fun. The group’s vocalist, Medwin Marfil, and I are kindred spirits.

I amforever grateful to Med, Allan Elgar, Kaka Quisumbing, Jake Lumacad, Macky Macaventa, Eugene Marfil and Andy Barce for always being so game to hold a “miniconcer­t” in my parties, gratis et amore. I am more than proud to be their friend and fan, as well.

After 25 years on the OPM scene, TF still has what it takes. The band remains to be in demand, and its shows are always fully packed.

What better way to celebrate its silver anniversar­y than by launching its 10th album, “Sentimenta­l”?

Released through Star Music, it is now streaming on Spotify, AppleMusic, Deezer and GooglePlay. You can also download the collection on iTunes. (Its vinyl and CD formats to follow soon.)

TF’s songs have always been a “good vibes” provider. They’re simply “ear”-resistible!

Here’s my chat with Med:

What makes “Sentimenta­l” different from TF’s previous albums?

This is our first album with new members, Macky Macaventa (bass) and Kaka Quisumbing (drums), both masterful, dedicated artists who’ve upped the ante for the band.

They’re fun to work with, which made the process of putting all the songs together a cool trip. It might have taken us three years to finish it, but it was a worthy exercise.

The level of meticulous- ness was nothing we’ve done before. And people will hear it when they listen to the whole record.

Which song in the album is your fave and why?

“Uwian Na.” It’s a sexy and groovy tune, which will make you feel giddy. It’s about two people who have been in love since their younger days and are still very much in love with each other in the present.

A lot of couples can relate to the song. It foreshadow­s the kind of sound we envision ourselves engaging in more and more—it’s cool, steady and smooth.

What’s the secret of the group’s staying power?

Our passion for music keeps us going. We strive to make songs that not only represent our own desires and fears, but also those of our music-loving fans.

It’s also the support of music fans that gives us reason to be relentless in our artistic pursuits.

Tell us about TF’s collaborat­ion with American alternativ­e band, MGMT. Our good

friend, Royce Roy, is friends with DJ Jester in the United States. Jester (Mikey Pendon), who is Filipino-American, happens to be close to Andrew VanWyngard­en and Ben Goldwasser of MGMT.

Through Royce and Mikey, we learned that MGMT wanted us to be a part of their music video for their latest single, “Me and Michael” (from their critically acclaimed album, “Little Dark Age”).

This required us to do a Taglish version of the song, so we did. Everyone can check out their video and our own (for “Ako at Si Michael) to see how that collaborat­ion transpired. It was spectacula­r and a real thrill to have been a part of it!

What’s your advice to aspiring musicians?

Find your own voice. It’s all right to emulate your favorite artists. Learn from them to get to where you want to be—with your own character and sound. Stay humble and grateful.

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