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Will and Grace” actress Debra Messing recently took to Twitter to talk about her depression, after the suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and TV host-author Anthony Bourdain.

“When I was in the midst of crippling depression 15 years ago, no one knew—except my husband and therapist,” the actress revealed. “I was working hard making people laugh, doing photo shoots, constantly moving. I disappeare­d from friends and family. I’d say, ‘Sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action), working nonstop.’”

Debra, who is starring again in the revived gaythemed sitcom, added, “When they heard the sadness in my voice, I’d say ‘Oh, I’m just exhausted.’ Thankfully, I could afford a therapist, who helped me out of that abyss. We must make mental health services available to every American. It can literally mean the difference between life and death. #mystory”

Inspired by her openness about her struggles, many of her followers also talked about their bouts with depression, some of them even disclosing details about their own suicide attempts.

The actress said in another tweet: “It is a disease. It doesn’t discrimina­te. [But] there is hope. And we need to come together and fight for [mental health] services.”

Debra, mom to a teenage son with ex-husband Daniel Zelman, also shared on Instagram her contact’s photo of a jacket that is being sold for charity, with the words “You matter” written on the back.

“Spreading the message of love … 10% of all proceeds will go directly to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention,” she wrote.

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—INSTAGRAM Debra Messing

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