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How to have healthy nails


Ino­ticed lately that shortly af­ter I get my gel man­i­cure re­moved, my nails crack a lit­tle. That’s funny, be­cause if you have gel pol­ish on, the nails feel strong and don’t crack eas­ily.

But be­cause of chem­i­cals in the pol­ish, your nails weaken, which re­sults in break­age. You be­come prone to hang nails. Ouch!

I’ve made it a mis­sion to make my nails healthy, with or with­out pol­ish, since I don’t quite see my­self giving up gel man­i­cures com­pletely. I love get­ting one be­fore a trip be­cause that means I don’t have to worry about my nails for at least two weeks.

The eas­i­est way to help nails is by us­ing a good hand and nail cream. Cracked nails oc­cur for the same rea­son you have flaky skin: dry­ness. Be­cause of the many things we do with our hands, we sub­ject them to oil-strip­ping el­e­ments. So bring a hand cream ev­ery­where you go, and ap­ply it as of­ten you can.

A good, re­li­able one is the L’Oc­c­i­tane Roses Et Reines Hand & Nail Cream. It’s made with shea but­ter and vi­ta­min E. They make hands soft and nails strong. Plus, it has a pleas­ant rose scent from roses sourced from Grasse, Bul­garia, Morocco and Turkey, and rose ex­tract from Haute-Provence.

You should also be mind­ful of your hand wash. Too many for­mu­la­tions can have a lot of chem­i­cals that, though they leave your hands clean, can make your nails weak.

At home, I rec­om­mend The Body Shop’s Al­mond Hand and Nail Con­di­tion­ing Wash. It is soap-free and has al­mond oil, which is man­i­cure-friendly.


Nail care also starts with your diet. If your nails are brit­tle even if you don’t of­ten get man­i­cures, it could be a sign that you need to boost your diet.

Don’t for­get a good vi­ta­min and min­eral sup­ple­ment. Keep in mind the need for pro­tein and cal­cium. Or try bi­otin, which also helps make your hair health­ier.

Nail strength re­lies on your pre-and post-man­i­cure care. In between man­i­cures, ap­ply a growth or strength­en­ing serum on your nails.

There is Art­Deco Hyaluronic Bi-Phase Nail Serum. With or with­out pol­ish, you can ap­ply this to nour­ish nails. It has hyaluronic acid and av­o­cado oil. Just shake well and ap­ply a drop or two per nail.

When re­mov­ing nail pol­ish, avoid ace­tone. It weak­ens nails and dries out their nat­u­ral oils. In­stead, get nail-friendly pol­ish re­movers.

Get the But­ter Lon­don Scrub­bers 2-in-1 Prep and Re­mover Wipes. This is great in between man­i­cures. In­stead of ace­tone, it uses ac­etate, which is much friend­lier to nails. It also has aloe.

If you want to take your nail care the ex­tra mile, go for a nail mask. Yes, there’s such a thing. This is best when you re­ally want some ex­tra mois­ture, or when you have ex­tra time dur­ing your home pampering ses­sion.

It will take more than just a reg­u­lar man­i­cure—ever heard of nail masks?

 ??  ?? L’Oc­c­i­tane Han­dand Nail Cream
L’Oc­c­i­tane Han­dand Nail Cream
 ??  ?? But­ter Lon­don Nail Scrub­bers
But­ter Lon­don Nail Scrub­bers
 ??  ?? The Body Shop Con­di­tion­ing Hand Wash
The Body Shop Con­di­tion­ing Hand Wash
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Art Deco Nail Serum
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