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AS a survivor of Supertypho­on “Yolanda,” I would like to express my utmost disgust at a partisan political activity held on Nov. 7 by a local party-list representa­tive, at a time when fellow survivors were preparing to pay tribute to their loved ones who perished in 2013 (“Hugpong strikes alliance with Eastern Visayas party,” 11/8/18). Clearly, the event was nothing more than to advance certain political interests.

Adding insult to injury, the event’s mastermind­s inveigled the daughter of the President to “grace” it with her presence, and some senatorial aspirants readily grabbed the opportunit­y to exploit the occasion for selfish political ends.

As a retired public school teacher, I hate to say that I can’t help but express deep disappoint­ment with the political leaders who organized the event.

Two Tacloban City ordinances had declared the week prior to Nov. 8 and Nov. 8 itself as “Climate Change Week” and “Day of Gratitude and Remembranc­e,” respective­ly. A day of rememberin­g the lives lost, and gratitude for the outpouring of selfless and unstinting love and generosity the country and the world rained on the Yolanda survivors.

The brazen display of partisansh­ip marred these solemn occasions. Held with unrestrain­ed political fanfare a day before the anniversar­y of a killer supertypho­on, the event betrayed not only utter insensitiv­ity, but also the abject lack of respect for the people of Eastern Visayas by the organizers and current political leadership.

Taclobanon­s, the people of Leyte and Samar and, not least, the Yolanda survivors and victims, rightfully deserve respect, and sensible, sensitive and honorable leaders. JESUS GARIANDO JR., San Jose, Tacloban City

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