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Mira Sorvino urges #MeTooto do more than just ‘name and shame’ /

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NEW YORK— Mira Sorvino believes the key to eradicatin­g sexual misconduct lies more in preventati­ve education than in “naming and shaming” perpetrato­rs.

The Oscar-winning actress was one of the first to come forward with allegation­s of abuse against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, and her resilience has not wavered.

She wants to work with students to make them understand consent and their physical rights.

“So we don’t raise boys—because it’s mostly boys and some girls who do this—who turn in- to men who commit these heinous crimes,” Sorvino told the Associated Press during a recent interview while promoting her role in the new season of the Sony Crackle series, “StartUp.”

Sorvino agrees that the culture has changed over the past year, but feels there’s a long way to go, especially when bad behavior is validated in entertainm­ent.

“That was taught to us by the ’80s movies culture like ‘Sixteen Candles,’ ‘Porky’s’ or ‘Animal House,’ which made it OK to commit date rape and it was the women’s fault because she was drunk rather than, ‘That’s date rape.’ How could you possibly take advantage of somebody who can’t even speak?’” she said.

She added: “‘That’s not cool. That’s not fun.’ But that’s what my generation of guys was brought up on. I was brought up watching those movies, so we’ve got to change the culture.”

“It can’t just be punishment and naming and shaming; it’s got to be prevention, because that’s what we really want. We want no one victimized,” Sorvino said.

Sorvino has found some solace as a prominent voice in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Advancemen­ts by these organizati­ons have become a rallying cry for women victimized over the years by varying degrees of sexual misconduct.

On Dec. 1, she will join the Mika Brzezinski-led lineup for the “Know Your Value” event in San Francisco, which is designed to support and empower women.

She’s kept acting, too. In “StartUp,” Sorvino plays a quirky NSA agent with a deadly side who tries to take down a website. The series raises questions about online privacy and the government.

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