Size and price of sav­agery in box­ing

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They do keep a count of the num­ber of punches landed and scored in­side the box­ing ring. But is there a way to mea­sure or de­ter­mine the im­pact of so-called killer blows in a cham­pi­onship bout?

What’s the size and price of sav­agery in box­ing?

Fred­die Roach and Buboy Fer­nan­dez stood side by side, watch­ing over Manny Pac­quiao, in his spec­tac­u­lar duel with Keith Thur­man in Las Vegas on Sun­day.

The fight, as ex­pected, blew up into a full-scale ring war. The two train­ers were clos­est to Pac­quiao dur­ing the bru­tal en­counter.

How­ever, based on their re­spec­tive judg­ment, Roach and Fer­nan­dez ob­vi­ously ap­plied dif­fer­ent sys­tems in assess­ing Pac­quiao’s per­for­mance, in

clud­ing the blows he re­ceived and sur­vived.


It’s per­plex­ing how Roach and Fer­nan­dez have come up with con­trast­ing ver­dicts and as­sess­ments less than a week af­ter the WBA wel­ter­weight uni­fi­ca­tion bout.

The two train­ers were clos­est to the ul­ti­mate fe­roc­ity swapped by the marvelous combatants.

Roach and Fer­nan­dez, based on their words, could have been in­flu­enced by con­trast­ing in­for­ma­tion on the size and im­pact of punches de­liv­ered and re­ceived in the fight.

Roach sug­gested in­def­i­nite rest or re­tire­ment.

Fer­nan­dez claimed Pac­quiao should be back in ac­tion as soon as his health and sched­ule would al­low.


Roach: “Manny got hit a lit­tle too much hits, he got pun­ished. I don’t want him to get hurt.”

Fer­nan­dez: “I de­cide on what Manny will do now. He could rust given a long break. He should fight again within the year.”

For the record, Pac­quiao an­nounced he would not be fight­ing within the year.

He said he would re­turn to the Se­nate and work for the peo­ple, away from the box­ing ring.

There were claims Pac­quiao has done twice more than he should de­liver for flag and coun­try.

The fight­ing sen­a­tor said he fights on to unite, con­tinue help­ing, in­spir­ing and bring­ing hope, mainly to poor coun­try­men.


Noth­ing is cer­tain if Pac­quiao will fight this year or not. But it has also be­come clear he’s sid­ing with Fer­nan­dez and will def­i­nitely stay ac­tive in the ring.

It’s out of char­ac­ter, but Roach has sud­denly re­lented. He said he was leav­ing it to Pac­quiao to de­cide whether to stay in the ring or not.

The last time Roach told Pac­quiao to con­sider re­tire­ment, af­ter the 2017 loss to Jeff Horn in Bris­bane, the Hall-of-Fame trainer was cut out of Team Pac­quiao.

By the way, there were also those who have started to won­der if Fer­nan­dez gave his ver­dict purely as a part­ner and an earn­ing team mem­ber.

Did Roach judge Pac­quiao ver­sus Thur­man as a par­ent, a guardian an­gel?


There were sug­ges­tions Pac­quiao should have also con­sid­ered the sen­ti­ments of an ob­jec­tive sec­tor.

If he did, Pac­quiao should not be sur­prised to know that his fans were nearly unan­i­mous in wish­ing that he quit and re­tire from box­ing.

Pac­quiao would be very pleased to know how much his coun­try­men truly care for him.

Prac­ti­cally all those we have polled, out in the street, the mar­ket­place, in pas­sen­ger jeep­neys, were one in say­ing Pac­quiao should leave box­ing. Now. He has more than car­ried out his mis­sion, won prac­ti­cally all and ev­ery­thing he had as­pired for.

His peo­ple love him and, just like Roach, they don’t want Manny to get hurt be­yond sal­va­tion.

He should quit ahead, while he’s still healthy, able and alert.

This call comes from those who squirmed and suf­fered with each sav­age shot Pac­quiao re­ceived against the bigger and stronger Thur­man.

There’s al­ways a limit to the pun­ish­ment a ring war­rior, no mat­ter how strong and gifted, can take.

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