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The outpouring of love and support for former Sen. Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. has somehow salved his family’s sense of loss, Pimentel’s daughter Maripet Brar said.

“We know he did a lot of service for the country, but this is beyond our expectatio­ns,” Brar told reporters on Tuesday at Pimentel’s wake at the Heritage Park in Taguig.

The family was “eternally grateful” for all the support and respect shown to their patriarch, Brar said of Pimentel who passed away of lymphoma on Oct. 20. He was 85.

‘Comforted by all these’

“We have to focus on [his life and legacy] because what he has done, it’s going to last forever,” Brar added.

Pimentel will be honored at the Senate today before being flown home to Cagayan de Oro, where he two days.

His body will be returned to Manila on Friday, with interment set on Saturday.

“Even though we are feeling this difficult experience, very painful for us, we are still comforted by all these,” Brar said of the countless stories, text messages, resolution­s and radio commentari­es that exalted Pimentel after his passing.

Pimentel’s wake has attracted people from all walks of life who paid their last respects to the man many regard as the father of the local government code.

“The laws he crafted were really for the people,” said retired teacher Gloria Blancaver.

Mayor Cristina Diaz of San Mateo presented a local government resolution expressing the municipali­ty’s profound sympathy over his death. Adopted on Oct. 22, the resolution recognized Pimentel as a stalwart of Philippine democracy who gave his life serving the Filipino people.

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