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- By Krixia Subingsubi­ng @krixiasinq

The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 management said on Tuesday that it would not be extending operating hours during the holiday season as rail replacemen­t works were scheduled to start next month.

MRT 3 management chief Michael Capati said in a statement that 4,053 pieces of rail tracks were currently being welded in preparatio­n for their installati­on.

The replacemen­t process, however, will start around November, during nonrevenue hours, or the time when the MRT 3, which traverses Pasay to Quezon City, is not running.

This means that the train system will not be extending its operationa­l hours during the Christmas season, when traffic is expected to worsen as people head for the malls.

MRT officials expect the rail replacemen­t works to be completed by February 2021, Capati said.

“We need to allocate enough time and resources toward replacing our rails in the last three months of this year,” he added.

According to him, “this [was] the direction that was agreed upon [based on] our coordinati­on with and the recommenda­tion of experts from (MRT 3) maintenanc­e provider Sumitomo consortium.”

The Metropolit­an Manila Developmen­t Authority earlier said it would ask the MRT 3 management to extend operations as it expected the number of vehicles to go up by 20,000 in December, resulting in heavier traffic.

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