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QC widens coverage of polio immunizati­on drive


As the Quezon City Health Department intensifie­s its efforts against polio, Mayor Joy Belmonte appealed to families living in gated subdivisio­ns and condominiu­ms to allow doctors in. “We strongly seek the cooperatio­n of homeowners associatio­ns and building officials in order to ensure that all children under [age] 5 are vaccinated,” she said. According to Belmonte, the city’s continuous house-to-house vaccinatio­n efforts for children aged 5 years and below will be implemente­d even in private subdivisio­ns and high-rise condos. In addition, the health department has also installed fixed vaccinatio­n areas in barangays, malls and bus stations within the city. Since Oct. 14, around 160,000 out of 274,785 children in Quezon City have been vaccinated.

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