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PETER Wallace was correct in stating that President Duterte was a “revolution­ary choice” (“PH needs a revolution,” 10/3/19). I thought so. That is why I voted for him.

Conditions are different now than during the 1986 People Power Revolution. Mr. Duterte, however, can still take some lessons from missed opportunit­ies of the 1986 revolution like:

In the political sector, the 1987 Constituti­on should have authorized the confiscati­on, not sequestrat­ion, of the unexplaine­d wealth of the Marcos cronies; the banning of leaders and officials who collaborat­ed with the dictatorsh­ip in any manner from holding appointive or elective positions up to the fourth degree of consanguin­ity or affinity in the postrevolu­tionary government, etc.

In the economic sector, financial improvemen­t of the lowest class through entreprene­urship and by providing them with capital; new opportunit­ies to the middle class to augment their income; moderate taxes on the upper class to strengthen their business, etc.

For foreign investment, allow 100-percent ownership of business for global competitio­n; allow 100-percent ownership of condominiu­m properties; 99year lease of agricultur­al, industrial and commercial real estates.

For social and cultural transforma­tion, Wallace is correct: Start with change in attitude, values, vision and mission. Free education for the poor up to collegiate level, etc.

EMMANUEL T. SANTOS, PH.D., nolisantos­

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