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The strategic move of VW PH released a surge of China-sourced cars entering or reentering the Philippine market, aside from all-new models being launched by Chinese brands already operating here.

For example, that FTA between the ASEAN and China was maximized again by AC Industrial­s after it acquired and relaunched the Kia brand on January 30, 2019, the sixth brand to be folded into AC Industrial­s’ vehicle and dealership unit, AC Automotive.

The centerpiec­e of the Kia brand relaunch by Ayala’s Adventure Cycle Philippine­s, Inc. (ACPI) was the the Soluto, a Kia subcompact sedan manufactur­ed in China under the direct management of Kia Motors of Korea. The Soluto, with an SRP starting at P625,000, appeared in a fullpage full-color ad in PDI and other major broadsheet­s the next day, January 31.

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