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Bela Padilla starrer ‘Mañanita’ to compete in Tokyo film fest

- By Marinel R. Cruz @marinelrcr­uzinq

Actress Bela Padilla i sn ow busy packing her bags for an 11-day trip to Tokyo, Japan.

The actress will attend the coming 32nd Tokyo Internatio­nal Film Festival (TIFF), where the film “Mañanita” which she headlines is the country’s representa­tive tot he Mai nc ompetition section.

“I honestly don’t know how many bags I’ll be bringing. I’m the type of person who gets cold easily an d it will be the end of autumn in tokyo when I get there ,” she told the Inquirer, adding that she also doesn’ t know wha tto expect fro m her second TIFF experience.

Bela’s first participat­ion in the TIFF was in 2016 for Ivan Andrew Payawal’s “I America,” which competed in the Asian Future category.

“It’s a blessing to beg oing there, but also a challenge, because we’re the only Philippine representa­tive an do nly one of two Asian films in the main competitio­n,” Bela said a tt he recent launch of the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) finalist sa tt he Club Filipino.

(Bela, who was one of the hosts of the MMFF launch, is also part of one film entry—nu el Naval’s “Miracle in Cell #7,” also starring Aga Muhlach.)

In Paul Soriano’s “Mañanita,” she plays a former military sniper who accepts a life changing mission in an at- tempt to make both ends meet.

“I don’t have any expectatio­ns this time. I learned from myf irs tti mea tt he TIFF that during networking nights, you will meet al oto f director sand producer swh o will ask if you’d be interested in collaborat­ing o nap roject with them abroad. I was very loyal to the film company that sent me there,” Bela recalled. “This time around, to Viva Films and Ten 17p Films. If I meet people whom I can work within the future, then that’s a blessing, too.”

Asid ef rom “Mañanita,” six other films an do ne TV series from the Philippine­s will be screened invarious sections of this year’ s edition of the TIFF. The festival will be held from Oct .28 to No v.5 in Japan.

 ??  ?? Bela Padilla
Bela Padilla
 ??  ?? Padilla in “Mañanita”
Padilla in “Mañanita”

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