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NEW YORK—JOSH Groban has a date for Valentine’s Day —with 6,000 or so of his fans.

The singer-songwriter said on Tuesday he has booked New York City’s massive Radio City Music Hall for a Feb. 14 show that he promises will be a night of music with special guests and plenty of spontaneou­s, off-the-cuff segments.

“I am most fulfilled when I am scared, so I’m excited to have the opportunit­y to terrify myself,” Groban told The Associated Press on the eve of the announceme­nt. “As my tours have gone on, I have found that where the good stuff lies is when you let go. And if it’s something people love to see, I’ll keep coming back.”

In addition to Valentine’s Day, Groban has also booked Radio City for April 18 and hopes he will return to the venue for a new show every few months.

The show will have an orchestra, band and choir— “all the bells and whistles that go into a regular ‘me’ show,” Groban said—plus guests and impromptu interactio­ns with fans. He promised that no two shows will be the same.

“The key was to make it loose, to make it impromptu,” he added. “My fans have seen 18 years of touring, where they’ve seen a very well-rehearsed show. But then, there have been these glimpses of improvisat­ional, fun moments that can occur even in the arenas. And those are the moments where the room just lights up.”

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