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New Knorr product allows chefs to elevate dishes' flavors

- By Raoul J. Chee Kee

When they're in the kitchen, most chefs follow a set of rules or practice certain techniques. Many of them flavor their dishes with a selection of tried and tested powders and pastes. Some instinctiv­ely know how much to add to bring out varying depths of flavor.

Chef Fernando "Ferns" Aracama says that the most important thing when cooking is "bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredient­s." He recently experiment­ed with a new product that many internatio­nal chefs are already using called Knorr Concentrat­ed Chicken Liquid Seasoning from Unilever Food Solutions.

He discovered that while powders and pastes have their charm, seasonings in liquid format provide an inimitable and undeniable zing.

The liquid format is closest to the actual flavorful broths and concentrat­es chefs make from scratch by boiling bones and vegetable aromatics. This format removes the need for the drying process that turns flavors into dry powder or seasonings, so you’re getting the fullest flavor. Not only is it natural and authentic, it also gives dishes an appetizing sheen.

Chef Ferns cooked stir-fried chicken and vegetables with aromatics like onion and garlic. He finished it with a light seasoning of Knorr Concentrat­ed Liquid Seasoning and was delighted with the result. "The most notable difference in my dishes is that I still tasted the cabbage and the broccoli. It lifted the flavors and guarantees consistenc­y in all our dishes," he said.

Unlike powders and pastes that need to be dissolved, the liquid is quickly incorporat­ed in your dishes. Now there's no more need to pre-dissolve bouillons in hot water. Chef Ferns appreciate­d how versatile the new product is because aside from stir fries, it can also be used for soups and sauces. At the test kitchens of Unilever Food Solutions, the liquid seasoning was used to prepare creamy Filipino-style seafood bouillabai­se and even a hearty fusilli pasta with shrimps in tomato cream sauce. With Knorr Concentrat­ed Liquid Seasoning, dosing is made easier because one teaspoon is exactly one teaspoon. There's no risk of over or underseaso­ning a dish.

"It has more meat, less salt and it completely enhances the flavors of the dish you use it in. Knorr Concentrat­ed Chicken Liquid Seasoning brings out the flavor of my dishes allowing me to elevate the taste of my dishes," Chef Ferns said.

To find out more about Knorr Concentrat­ed Chicken Liquid Seasoning, visit UFS.COM. It is now available for ordering online from Lazada or Shopee.

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