SWS poll: 4 of 5 Pi­noys pre­fer ‘brains than body’

Philippine Daily Inquirer - - FRONT PAGE - could be hap­pier,” down from 36 per­cent.

Be­tween a smart con­ver­sa­tion and a strong phys­i­cal at­trac­tion, copy­writer Louise Cruz, 22, knows what tops her checklist when eye­ing a po­ten­tial part­ner.

“In­tel­lect is at­trac­tive to me,” she said. “The prob­a­bil­ity that I can make a real con­nec­tion is higher if I know more about a per­son’s set of values and prin­ci­ples in­stead of just phys­i­cal at­tributes.”

Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est sur­vey of So­cial Weather Sta­tions (SWS), most Filipinos think like Cruz.

An SWS sur­vey con­ducted Dec. 13 to Dec. 16 last year showed that 81 per­cent of re­spon

dents were more at­tracted to a per­son’s in­tel­li­gence than body.

The re­main­ing 19 per­cent said “the re­verse,” SWS said.

Higher among women

At­trac­tion to a per­son’s in­tel­li­gence was higher among women at 83 per­cent, com­pared with 78 per­cent among men.

Among women who chose brains over body, the high­est proportion, at 89 per­cent, was among women with live-in part­ners, fol­lowed by sin­gle women at 82 per­cent and mar­ried women at 81 per­cent.

Among men who pre­fer brains over body, the proportion “hardly varies ... by civil sta­tus, rang­ing from 77 to 79 per­cent,” SWS said.

SWS also found ma­jor­ity of adults say­ing they would choose good health over love and money if they were to pick “only one of the fol­low­ing”—with 70 per­cent choos­ing health, 23 per­cent, love and 7 per­cent, money.

The choice of health over love and money was higher among women at 72 per­cent, com­pared with 67 per­cent among men.

Mean­while, those who pre­fer love, were high­est among mar­ried men at 30 per­cent and women with live-in part­ners at 23 per­cent.

“Those who pre­fer money are high­est among sin­gle men (8 per­cent) and sin­gle women (14 per­cent),” the poll said.

More than half of Filipinos or 54 per­cent said they were “very happy” with their love life—up from 51 per­cent in the fourth quar­ter of 2018—while 32 per­cent of adults said “it

Love life

The per­cent­age of those who “do not have a love life” barely changed at 14 per­cent, from 13 per­cent.

“Hap­pi­ness with love life is high­est among men and [among] those who are mar­ried,” SWS said. The poll also pointed out that “mar­ried men and mar­ried women ... have a hap­pier love life com­pared to their sin­gle and ... live-in part­ner coun­ter­parts.”

Among men, the proportion of re­spon­dents who re­ported a

“very happy” love life was high­est among those who are mar­ried at 72 per­cent, fol­lowed by those with live-in part­ners at 64 per­cent, and those who are sin­gle at 26 per­cent.

“Among women, those with very happy love life are also high­est among those who are mar­ried at 58 per­cent, fol­lowed by those with live-in part­ner at 51 per­cent, and those who are sin­gle at 26 per­cent,” the poll said.

The high­est proportion of re­spon­dents who said their love life could be hap­pier was among men with live-in part­ners at 36 per­cent, and women with livein part­ners at 48 per­cent.

“Those who say they have no love life are high­est among sin­gle men at 57 per­cent and sin­gle women at 50 per­cent,” SWS said.

The non­com­mis­sioned sur­vey was con­ducted us­ing faceto-face in­ter­views with 1,200 adults (18 years old and above) na­tion­wide: 300 each in Metro Manila, Bal­ance Lu­zon, Visayas and Min­danao, with sam­pling er­ror mar­gins of ±3 per­cent for na­tional per­cent­ages and ±6 per­cent each for the said ar­eas.

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