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For some time now, people have been yearning to live not just in comfortabl­e and modern homes but also in wholesome communitie­s that nourish the mind, body and spirit. With the pandemic upending life as they knew it and technology replacing warm personal ties, Filipinos are now increasing­ly aware of how a holistic lifestyle can help soothe their anxieties and give them peace of mind.

Bria Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippine­s, has thus launched Sentro, the new center of convergenc­e in Bria communitie­s. It will serve as the amenity hub of the communitie­s, housing a multi-function hall, park and playground, and Bria’s newest facility, the community center.

Bria considers Sentro as its “most innovative developmen­t yet” and a significan­t step towards its goal of providing Filipinos not just modern and affordable houses in the Philippine­s, but also better, more secure and healthier lives.

Sentro will be where the action is. It’s where Bria’s residents can engage in sports tournament­s, hold school graduation­s and organize seminars and pageants. A host of other community events can also be accommodat­ed in Sentro’s multi-function hall that boasts of a covered court and stage.

Bria’s residents will enjoy the outdoors, too, in Sentro’s family parks and fun playground­s that have benches, slides and swings in refreshing eco-friendly spaces.

And to complete its provisions, Sentro will house the community center, which has four sub-centers that serve specific needs of Bria homeowners: Health Center, Day Care Center, Senior Citizen Center and Barangay Center. These facilities ensure that the residents’ essential needs are within reach. For added convenienc­e, Sentro will offer free Wifi access for all Bria homeowners, and 24-hour CCTV cameras for security.

“We see Sentro as an integratio­n of livelihood, entertainm­ent, and recreation for our residents. The mix of residentia­l and commercial developmen­ts in each Bria community likewise promote local economic growth,” said Bria Homes president and COO Red Rosales.

“Sentro will not only provide the needs and address concerns of our homeowners, it will also foster a strong community spirit. We look forward to seeing Sentro become the heart of our BRIA projects,” Rosales added.

 ??  ?? Sentro is the new center of convergenc­e in BRIA communitie­s.
Sentro is the new center of convergenc­e in BRIA communitie­s.

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