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Miguel Tanfelix and Aiko Melendez

- By Allan Policarpio @alpolicarp­io

Amid the persisting pandemic-related woes, the cast of the GMA 7 drama anthology “I Can See You: #Future” called for unity and vigilance while highlighti­ng the importance of using one’s voice to inspire others and raise awareness about different issues.

Despite our difference­s in political beliefs, Aiko Melendez stressed that, “at the end of day, love for the country should reign.”

“We just want what’s best for the country. Right now, the vaccines are what we need to make things better; we’re all waiting for that. But of course, the government has a priority list—the front-liners go first, and then later on, we come in,” Aiko related in a virtual conference for the said primetime series.

“I’m praying that this, too, shall pass. Our God is bigger than this virus. Let’s keep our faith even more. Let’s keep on praying,” she added. “This is a time to be united and not divided.”

Mikoy Morales is hoping for a future where people are more willing to demand accountabi­lity from our leaders.

“Despite getting suppressed, we still tend to forget… There will be elections next year, and I don’t know what will happen until then. But we have this tendency na once OK na ang lahat, OK magpapataw­ad na tayo. We forget about all the things that shouldn’t have happened, especially from the people leading us now,” he said. “I hope we learn.”

Two-way street

Miguel Tanfelix pointed out that dealing with the pandemic should be a two-way street.

“I would like to see more unity. We have to continue being discipline­d and the government should continue doing its job— not that I’m saying they’re not doing anything. We won’t solve the problem if we don’t help each other,” he said. “We have to work together and make some sacrifices, so we can get through this as soon as possible.”

Basic protocols

Gabby Eigenmann echoed Miguel’s point about discipline, saying that some people can get lax about the most basic protocols.

“Sometimes, you see people wearing masks improperly. And there are some who have face shields, but wear them like headbands. Small things, but it can be frustratin­g,” he said. “We really have to work handin-hand.”

Though celebritie­s speaking up on issues wouldn’t necessaril­y effect immediate or concrete change, it does send a message that they’re humans, too, with similar concerns.

“It won’t change the way the government runs things; it’s like throwing a bucket of water into the sea. But I think it can address other issues. Many people are idol-hungry, we glorify public figures, put them on pedestals and treat them as people who aren’t allowed to have opinions,” Mikoy said. “But if we use our platforms genuinely, that can humanize (celebritie­s).”

Kyline Alcantara agreed, but added that celebritie­s should also exercise prudence when voicing out their opinions online.

Walking the talk

“I don’t speak on every issue. But if you do, you have to be responsibl­e and know about the different sides. I personally want to have enough knowledge first before I speak. Its our responsibi­lity and we have the right. We just have to be careful because a lot of people follow us,” she said.

And make sure to walk the talk, Miguel said. “We have to practice what we preach, and not just do things for the followers,” he added.

Gabby, on the other hand, said that just because a celebrity isn’t vocal on social media, doesn’t necessaril­y mean that he or she doesn’t care about what’s happening.


“Artists can have a big influence. Some choose to be quiet, some choose to fight. I personally don’t know where to put myself,” he said. “It’s not because I don’t care. I do have my frustratio­ns … But you also have to think how to best approach things.”

But despite the seesawing protocols and working conditions, they still feel blessed that they’re allowed to practice their craft at all during these times.

“The thought of being away from family is hard. You’re in a locked-in taping, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. What happens if there’s another lockdown? The anxiety is there,” Aiko said.

“My relationsh­ip with God is always there and now it has become tighter. I hope we soon wake up to find that the pandemic is over,” she added.

 ??  ?? Editor Rito P. Asilo
Editor Rito P. Asilo
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 ??  ?? From left: Gabby Eigenmann, Aiko Melendez, Mikoy Morales, Kyline Alcantara and Miguel Tanfelix
From left: Gabby Eigenmann, Aiko Melendez, Mikoy Morales, Kyline Alcantara and Miguel Tanfelix

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