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‘The Kindness of Birds’ by Merlinda Bobis

“The Kindness of Birds” is a collection of short stories that pays homage to kindness across cultures and between the human and the nonhuman world. Resilience, solidarity, and familial and environmen­tal ties are affirmed in times of loss and grief amid COVID-19, climate change, domestic violence, or a death in the family. (Anvil Publishing, Inc.; available from anvilpubli­

‘Endangered Splendor: Manila’s Architectu­ral Heritage Volume I, The Center’ by Fernando N. Zialcita and Erik Ekpedonu with Victor S. Venida

“Endangered Splendor” was written in the hope that seeing Manila’s remaining architectu­ral splendor gathered together under one cover, the public might feel the urgency of keeping Manila’s story and its landmarks alive. Volume 1 is The Center—the zone running from north to south at the mouth of Pasig River—the core, not only of Manila but of the entire nation. (Ateneo de Manila University Press; available from the Ateneo Press website or its Shopee and Lazada stores.)

‘More Tomboy, More Bakla Than We Admit: Insights into Sexual and Gender Diversity in Philippine Culture, History, and Politics’ edited by Dr. Mark Blasius and Dr. Richard Chu

“More Tomboy, More Bakla Than We Admit” is a collection of essays that explore the diversity of sexual and gender identities within Philippine culture and history, and the unique circumstan­ces that LGBTQIA+ individual­s experience. The featured 15 essays were written by Filipino scholars studying sexual and gender identities, such as J. Neil C. Garcia, Raquel A. G. Reyes and Rolando B. Tolentino. The book editors made sure that the anthology contained an essay to represent each letter of the LGBTQIA+ community. (Vibal Foundation; available at shop.

‘TRESE Vol. 3: Mass Murders’ by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo

An ancient being that thrives on violence and thirsts for blood has found new disciples in this modern-day city. Sacrifice has been demanded. Rituals must be carried out. When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese. Just in time for the blockbuste­r Netflix anime, “TRESE Vol. 3: Mass Murders” features completely redrawn art by Baldisimo and the following cases: “Case 9: A Private Retaliatio­n,” “Case 10: Patient 414 at Mandaluyon­g,” “Case 11: The Fort Bonifacio Massacre,” “Case 12: The Baptism of Alexandra Trese” and “Case 13: An Act of War.” (Avenida Books; available through and the Avenida stores on Shopee and Lazada.)

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