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Creating spaces for urban-rural continuum

- By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

There’s a common thinking that access to opportunit­ies for upward mobility and living in an ideal residence are mutually exclusive—that, if you want to climb the profession­al ladder, you cannot live in a great space. Conversely, dream homes await far away for those who’ve “made it.”

South Springs Residentia­l Estates, trusted developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.’s first-class residentia­l subdivisio­n in Laguna, debunks that. It’s proof that one can enjoy both in one place.

South Springs is a developmen­t on a 50-ha land in Biñan. It offers superb residences in an exclusive community that benefits from the countrysid­e vibe. Heading home here would surely be a highlight in a busy person’s day, given the ambiance that nature generously lends to the estate.

Not only that, South Springs’ amenities ensure an enriching experience of community life. At the heart of the project is a multipurpo­se clubhouse where people can congregate for social gatherings, weekends by the pool or rounds of tennis, badminton or basketball. All over the subdivisio­n, too, are hangouts for families and youth like parks and playground­s.

Onsite developmen­t and security are no problem at South Springs, as in all other Sta. Lucia properties. Residents can drive around the village on the wide concrete roads. They can reach their fitness goals jogging on the paved sidewalks, under the shade of trees in the day and guided by mercury lamps at night. Moreover, the project is built with systems for undergroun­d drainage, centralize­d water distributi­on and electricit­y. It is surrounded by a perimeter fence. A guardhouse at the entrance provides 24-hour security.

If you feel that the preference for addresses in less dense locations outside Metro Manila is a pandemic fad that will soon pass, you don’t have to worry that investing in South Springs is an impulsive move. After all, the open spaces and laidback atmosphere are not its only strong points.

The property is also centrally located—just by the National Highway, six minutes from South Luzon Expressway’s Southwoods Exit, near crucial establishm­ents, and close to various openings for career advancemen­t and investment. Besides all that, the government’s socioecono­mic and infrastruc­ture initiative­s have been positionin­g Laguna as an alternativ­e destinatio­n.

Therefore, South Springs does not only offer proximity to historical sites and ecotourist destinatio­ns, it also provides its dwellers with urban privileges like access to retail options, schools and hospitals. Some companies offer jobs locally, having based themselves across industrial sites and business districts in Laguna. If you feel like working in Metro Manila, though, you can get to Alabang and Makati in an hour or less either driving or commuting. It is now very convenient to drive to Manila in the morning and get home to your family in Biñan for dinner.

As a fast-rising hub, price points in Laguna are comparativ­ely lower than developmen­ts in Metro Manila. Homebuyers thus get more for less when they buy into South Springs. They also benefit from capital appreciati­on over time.

Invest in an awesome option that requires no tradeoff— in a Sta. Lucia project that allows you to both seek growth and live in a top-notch home.

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 ??  ?? South Springs Residentia­l Estates offers a serene respite for urbanites.
South Springs Residentia­l Estates offers a serene respite for urbanites.
 ??  ?? Its amenities ensure an enriching experience of community life.
Its amenities ensure an enriching experience of community life.

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