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Vatican on Monday reaffirmed its opposition to sex changes, gender theory and surrogate parenthood, as well as abortion and euthanasia, four months after supporting blessings for samesex couples.

The Vatican’s doctrinal office (DDF) released the “Dignitas infinita” (Infinite dignity) declaratio­n following fierce conservati­ve pushback, especially in Africa, against its document on LGBT issues.

There is no suggestion that the new text, which describes what the Church perceives as threats to human dignity, was prepared in direct response to the rows over same-sex blessings, as it has been five years in the making. But it has undergone extensive revisions

over the period.

Pope Francis approved it after requesting that it also mention “poverty, the situation of migrants, violence against women, human traffickin­g, war and other themes,” the head of the DDF, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, said in a statement.

The declaratio­n said surrogate parenting violated the dignity of both the surrogate mother and the child, and recalled that Francis in January called it “despicable” and urged a global ban.

Competing with God

On gender theory, the declaratio­n said that “desiring a personal self-determinat­ion, as gender theory prescribes, apart from this fundamenta­l truth that human life is a gift, amounts to a concession to the age-old temptation to make oneself God, entering into competitio­n with the true God of love revealed to us in the Gospel.”

Gender theory, often called gender ideology by its detractors, suggests that gender is more complex and fluid than the binary categories of male and female, and depends on more than visible sexual characteri­stics.

On changes of gender, the declaratio­n said that “any sexchange interventi­on, as a rule, risks threatenin­g the unique dignity the person has received from the moment of conception.”

It acknowledg­ed that some people may undergo surgery to resolve “genital abnormalit­ies,” but stressed that “such a medical procedure would not constitute a sex change in the sense intended here.”

At the same time, the text also denounced as contrary to human dignity the fact that “in some places, not a few people are imprisoned, tortured and even deprived of the good of life solely because of their sexual orientatio­n.”

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