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Randy Santiago on younger acts disrespect­ing their seniors: Not part of Pinoy culture

- By Marinel Cruz @marinelcru­zINQ

For an artist like Randy Santiago, whose clan has members living off earnings from industry-related jobs, it is important that the proposed Eddie Garcia Bill be passed in order to protect and promote the welfare of TV and movie workers from unfair treatment and poor working conditions, the singer-songwriter said.

“I was there when the bill was filed before the Senate. We’re very hopeful. I’m not only involved in music and the performing arts, my whole clan is from this industry. My late father (Pablo) used to be a film director, while my mother (Cielito Legaspi) was an actress. This bill is important for the industry in order to protect its workers, especially the small ones,” Randy told Inquirer Entertainm­ent.

On Feb. 12, the Senate approved on second reading Senate Bill (SB) No. 2505, which was named after the actor who died in 2019 in an accident while shooting a TV series.

Meanwhile, Randy also recalled another difficult time in the industry when many were displaced after the government suspended the staging of live events during the pandemic lockdowns between 2020 and 2021.

“We were blessed at the time because we had ‘It’s Showtime,’ and then later on, ‘Sing Galing!’ on TV5, which we did at the height of the pandemic. For two years, we lorded it over other talent shows. I’m grateful that I still had a venue to be creative even during those hard times,” Randy recalled.

Club experience

The singer said he is glad that things are starting to go back to “normal” in terms of concerts and live events. “The situation has become so normal that concerts are scheduled one after the other. For example, my concert’s next week followed by Regine’s (Velasquez) and then Gary’s (Valenciano). It’s a good thing that we have very different fan bases,” he observed. “Also, the cost of mounting a concert, or even just a small-scaled show, has already become so high.”

Randy will be returning to the concert scene via a show titled “Eye-conic” at the PICC Plenary Hall on April 12, 8 p.m. Joining him as guests are Pops Fernandez, Gino Padilla, Rachel Alejandro, Juan Miguel Salvador and Nina.

When Inquirer Entertainm­ent interviewe­d Randy, also known in the industry as Mr. Private Eyes, on Tuesday afternoon, he was taking a break from vocal rehearsals with Rachel and Pops. He said his repertoire for this particular gig will be “all dance.”

“It’s going to be a club experience. The audience will not be hearing any ballads this time, not in this concert. While I do this in my other shows, all the guests I’ve picked here are also good dancers.”

They will be backed up by young singers and musicians like JM Yosures, Khimo, Lyka Estralla, JM dela Cerna, Marielle Monteliban­o, Jezza Quiogue, LA Santos, the girl group Calista and the band Six Part Invention.

“We’re very excited. This is a collab between me and all these artists. I was given the privilege by my producers to choose who I wanted to work with. I handpicked them because I know it would be easier for me to direct them, too,” he said, adding that the young artists are under Polaris Management, headed by Randy’s brother Reily Pablo Santiago Jr.

Asked to share his observatio­n on the work ethic of young artists he has worked with, Randy said: “Luckily, I’ve never encountere­d anyone stubborn. They’re all very impressive. I guess the credit should all go to the people who handle their careers. My brother would know what to teach them in terms of work behavior. Junjun, or Reily, is 10 years my junior. He grew up watching me when I was doing gigs, especially for ‘Hindi Magbabago.’ He was able to observe how things were handled back then.”

Randy is confident that younger Filipino artists—those who might be thinking that now’s their time and that they know better—will never disrespect their seniors.

“It’s all because of our culture. I don’t think this will happen, also because we’re part of one industry. For example, before a younger artist can join me in a show, his handlers will first orient him who he will be working with. Also, the parents of this young performer most likely grew up listening to me and other singers from my batch. In fact, I kept hearing them say they got to listen to my songs because of their moms and dads,” he said.

 ?? SANTIAGO/ INSTAGRAM ?? Santiago (center) with young acts Calista and Six Part Invention—RANDY
SANTIAGO/ INSTAGRAM Santiago (center) with young acts Calista and Six Part Invention—RANDY
 ?? INSTAGRAM —RANDY SANTIAGO/ ?? Randy Santiago (left) with Rachel Alejandro
INSTAGRAM —RANDY SANTIAGO/ Randy Santiago (left) with Rachel Alejandro
 ?? SANTIAGO/ INSTAGRAM ?? Santiago (right) with Gino Padilla—RANDY
SANTIAGO/ INSTAGRAM Santiago (right) with Gino Padilla—RANDY

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