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Actress Maricel Soriano said her biggest regret was not having enough time for her two sons, Marion and Tien, while they were growing up.

Maricel, who started working as an actress at age 6, still shows no signs of slowing down at 59. She was last seen on the big screen in FM Reyes’ drama “In His Mother’s Eyes” and on TV, in “Linlang.”

“Once, the three of us went on a date. I said sorry to them. I told them, ‘I hope you can still find it in your heart to forgive Mama. They said, ‘No need to apologize, Mama. We understand you. We love you. We forgive you,” Maricel told reporters in a recent interview. “With that, I grew weak and speechless. You see, whenever one of my sons talks, the blabbermou­th in me would turn quiet.”

She then turned to describing her two children. “My eldest is very firm in making decisions. When he doesn’t want to do something, no one can sway him into doing it. The other one is quite clingy. He always observes what I’m doing and makes me promise to always take care of my health. He would say, ‘I’m here to guard you, Mama.’ I’m grateful to them.”

When asked what she thought she did so excessivel­y when she was younger, Maricel said: “I guess it’s true what people said about me—that I had spoiled my kids too much. I never regretted doing that. My sons waited for me for a long time. There was even a point when I prioritize­d my family—my mother and siblings—over them. Now, it’s their turn. My time now is only for them,” she declared. “What would I readily give up for them? My own life.”

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